How to Apply

How to Apply for a Job with the Department of Finance

If you are new to employment with the State of California, obtaining a job at the Department of Finance (Finance) will involve two steps: 1) taking a civil service exam for the position of interest and 2) participating in the Department's hiring process for the position. If you already work for the State, you may not need to take the civil service exam (check with your human resources office).

The Civil Service Examination Process

For examination information and job vacancies for any department, go to the California Department of Human Resources website. The standard State application form STD.678 may be found under the My Profile link.

Carefully review the exam bulletin and determine if you meet the minimum qualifications stated in the exam bulletin, and prepare and submit your application for the exam as directed. If the department that is conducting the exam concurs that you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be notified of the date and time of the exam (which may be oral, written, or another form, as specified in the bulletin). Possession of the minimum qualifications does not assure a place on the eligible list. Your performance in the exam will be compared with the performance of the others who take the exam, and all candidates who pass the exam will be placed on a list in rank order by scores. This list of candidates is then used by the Department to identify eligible applicants for the next hiring process.

Note that for most exam, only those candidates in the top three ranks of the eligibility list at any given time are "reachable" (that is, eligible to apply for vacant positions). If you start out in a lower rank, however, you may become reachable later as higher ranks are eliminated (e.g., when all the candidates in a rank have either accepted or waived job offers) and the next ranks move up.

While you are on the list, you may receive periodic "contact letters" to ascertain if you are still interested in remaining on the list and/or if you are interested in a particular job opening.

The Hiring Process

Once you reach the top three ranks on a list and have replied positively to a job inquiry, or applied for an advertised vacancy, you may be contacted for a hiring interview. Hiring interviews are designed to identify the best applicant-job match for the opening. For some jobs, the hiring process also includes written exercises to assess specific skills (e.g., math, writing) applicable to the job classification. If you are not offered a job, your name remains on the eligibility list for consideration for subsequent vacancies. If you are offered a job, welcome aboard!

As a newly appointed State employee or transfer to Finance you will participate in a probation period during which time you will receive job training and regular evaluations of your performance on the job. If you successfully complete the probationary period, congratulations! You are now a permanent State employee with the Department of Finance.

For further information please e-mail our Human Resources Office.