Administrative Services Testimonials

I enjoy working at Finance because this department allows huge flexibility on work and life balance.” – Executive Assistant

As a new employee with Finance, it has been a wonderful experience getting to know and understand the importance of every employee’s role in Finance behind scenes. To be a part of an organization that plays a significant role in California’s long term economic sustainability has been an honorable self-accomplishment to achieve.” – Office Technician

Working with smart, focused, hardworking people who understand that the work we do impacts all Californians makes me proud to say I am a Finance employee.” – Staff Services Manager II

Working in Administrative Personnel at the Department of Finance, my knowledge of personnel policies and procedures has grown exponentially, along with my understanding of general State Government and politics. As my first State Department, Finance has shown me what it means to continually grow and learn and to share my knowledge and expertise to serve my team and the department as a whole.” – Associate Personnel Analyst

The culture at Finance supports teamwork, continuous learning, and professional growth. Every day at work, I get to collaborate with brilliant minds to work on projects, solve problems, and provide excellent customer service. I also greatly enjoy the work-life balance that is encouraged here at Finance.” – Associate Personnel Analyst

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