Budgets Testimonials

“This is a great place to grow professionally because you don’t find upward mobility opportunities like this elsewhere.” – Budget Analyst

“I want to be able to influence public policy, and I think Finance is the best place to learn how to do that. By working on the budget, you learn how everything else in public policy in California is put together.” – Budget Analyst

“I didn’t have a firm grasp of how deep into policy I would get and how influential the work that we do is. I don’t think I knew what I was choosing at the time, but it was the right choice.” – Budget Analyst

“You get to work with a lot of great people at Finance and there’s a sense of camaraderie that is really valuable to me.” – Budget Analyst

“Everything that we do plays a role in a bigger picture and ultimately government has a huge impact on every person’s life. Making government more efficient and effective with practical solutions is meaningful for me and that’s why I like working at Finance.” – Budget Analyst

“The knowledge and experience that you gain at Finance is unparalleled. It wouldn’t be possible to have the exposure and the breadth of knowledge of public policy anywhere else.” – Budget Analyst

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