Budgets Training

Finance has over 30 formal job-related courses, most of which Finance Budget Analysts attend during their first year on the job. In addition, the department provides on-the-job training, upward mobility training, continuing education training, and individual career counseling.

Listed below are some of the training courses provided to all Finance Budget Analysts:

Bill Analysis
Covers the purpose of bill analyses, elements of a bill, and how to approach an analysis. Includes seasoned analysts giving their perspective and sharing advice on the bill analysis process. Also involves practical application in reviewing and analyzing sample bills. Discusses each section of a bill analysis and how to complete the fiscal summary tables. In addition to this more technical training, Finance’s Legislative Director meets with each budget unit to discuss preferences and provide direction regarding bill analyses.

Budget Cycle - Enactment
Geared to budget staff to describe the budget processes from the time the Governor’s Proposed Budget is released on January 10 until the time the Legislature sends the final Budget Bill to the Governor and the bill is signed into law. Included in the discussion will be the composition of legislative subcommittees, the Finance Letter and May Revision processes, the Conference Committee, and the Governor’s veto process.

Governor’s Budget Training for New Analysts
This is an in depth training course that will provide a wide variety of technical instructions regarding: Basic Concepts in Hyperion (the statewide budget system), Expenditures and Revenues, Upload Templates, Fund Condition Statements/Past Year Data and Reconciliation between budgets and accounting, Employee Compensation and Salaries/Wages, Budget Galley Validation, and Budget Bill Preparation.

BCP Analysis
Overview of the role of Budget Change Proposals (BCPs) in the budget process; content of a BCP; steps for analyzing BCPs; pitfalls in writing and analyzing BCPs; basic tools for measuring, charting, and analyzing data.

Role of External Partners
Learn how the Legislative Analyst’s Office and Legislature operate and their interactions with Finance. Listen to individuals that have either worked at those establishments or currently work there.

Testimony Training Overview
Prelude to Testimony Mock Hearings training. Provides tips and guidance for testifying before the Legislature.

Testimony Training Mock Hearings
Attendees participate in mock hearings, held in the Capitol, that provide actual practice and specific feedback for each participant. Attendees’ principals/supervisors provide testimony questions for their staff’s mock hearing and a hearing agenda.

To help develop and promote strong relationships on the budget line, we developed a mentoring program for our employees. The goal of the mentoring program is to provide a mutually beneficial program that fosters growth and professional development. Mentors will assist new hires in the onboarding process through informal meetings and activities.

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