Operations Memos

CALSTARS Operations Memos (COMs) are one way of communicating information to agencies about CALSTARS. Information on the COM may later be added to the CALSTARS Procedures Manual through Transmittal Letters. COMs planned for addition to the CALSTARS Procedures Manual have the words "Until Advised" placed in the Expiration Date block.

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COMs are provided in PDF and Word file formats. You must use PDF reader or Word software to access them.

COM18-06 (Issued October 1, 2018) CALSTARS Closeout Plan

COM18-05 (Issued August 1, 2018) Reporting Past Year Budgetary Information

COM 18-04 (Issued April 2, 2018) Updated G.2 Screen-FI$Cal Data for July 2018 Release Departments


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