Trailer Bill Language

Trailer Bill Language is the implementing language of the California State Budget Bill. Listed below, is the Regular Session and Special Session Trailer Bill Language for this year's Governor's Budget.

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Forecasting (400-499)
Health and Human Services (600-699)

602 Alternative Birth Centers Reimbursement Methodology

604 NQI Wrap Program

605 CalWORKS Eligibility to determine Medi-Cal Eligibility

606 Suspension of Medi-Cal County Admin COLA

607 Nursing Facility-Acute Hospital Waiver Renewal

609 Sunset of San Francisco Community-Living Support Benefit Waiver

610 Fifty Percent Rule and Personal Injury Lien Recovery

612 Third Party Recovery Contracting Authority

613 Sunset of Child Health and Disability Prevention State Only Program

614 Abolishment of the Major Risk Medical Insurance Fund

615 Revised - Continuation of CMC, Mandatory Enrollment of Duals to Managed Care, and Integration of specified LTSS into Managed Care

616 Every Woman Counts Program

617 Delaying MFTs as FQHC Billable Providers

618 Assisted Outpatient Treatment Evaluation Report

619 Out-of-County Foster Care Presumptive Transfer Regulations

620 Extend Suspension of Improved Performance Incentives

621 Repeal Health Insurance Incentives Program

622 Continue Suspension of Fingerprint Licensing Fee Exemption

623 Approved Relative Caregiver Program

625 Delay Licensing Requirements for Private Alternative Boarding Schools & Outdoor Programs

626 Expand Use of Local Family Support Account Funds

627 Emergency Preparedness Allocation Update

628 Expansion of AIDS Drug Assistance Program Data Sharing

629 Regional Center Contracts

630 Community Placement Plans

631 18-22 Paid Internships

632 Developmental Service Provider Rates

633 HCBS Regulations

634 RC Reporting Outcomes

635 Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes Exemption

637 Admission, Evaluation, Stabilization Center

638 Children's Crisis Grants

640 Fairview Developmental Center Ground Lease

641 Clarify HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Program Coverage

642 California Children's Services Medical Therapy Programs

643 Graduate Medical Education Payment Program

644 DSH Allotment Allocation Adjustments

645 340B Contract Pharmacies

646 Covered Outpatient Drugs Rule Implementation

647 Contracting Authority to Administer Federal Cures Act Grants

648 County IHSS Mitigation Draft

649 Approved Relative Caregiver Program