Trailer Bill Language

Trailer Bill Language is the implementing language of the California State Budget Bill. Listed below, is the Regular Session and Special Session Trailer Bill Language for this year's Governor's Budget.

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Budget Operations Support

Corrections and General Government

Sunset Extension for County to County Transfer of Inmates
Court Holding Facilities
Correctional Clinic Model
Juvenile Justice Reform
Court Fee Sunset Extension
OPR Institute to Advance Precision Health and Medicine
911 Sustainment
Online Adjudication of Minor Traffic Violations
Gambling Control Commission: Special Distribution Fund Pro Rata Share Reduction
Small Business Development Technical Assistance Expansion Act of 2018
Standards and Training for Local Corrections
Juvenile Offenders Identification Cards
Division of Fiscal and Business Services
Coroner's Fee Revenue Shift to State Penalty Fund
Disaster Response: Emergency Operations Account
Cannabis: Enforcement of Illegal Activity
Cannabis: Authorization for FBI Background Checks
Correctional Peace Officer Academy
Prison Industry Authority: Vehicle Purchasing Authority
Insurance Commissioner Offices
State Leasing Authority for Employee Wellness Initiatives


2018-19 Education Omnibus Trailer Bill
California Education Learning Lab
California Online Community College
Community College Student-Focused Apportionments Formula
Aligning California Community College Financial Aid
Community College Innovation Awards
Apprenticeship Programs: Claiming FTES
Amend College and Career Access Pathways Program
Amend Community College Civic Center Act
Adjust 2017-18 Apportionments for Unused Prior Year Growth, Deferred Maintenance, and Revised Local Revenue Estimates
Annual Community College Audit Manual Review
Adult Education Block Grant Planning Cycle
Adult Education Block Grant Indirect Costs
Authorize Perkins Funding to be Distributed through Apportionments
Cal Grant Maximum Tuition Award for Students Attending Private Nonprofit Institutions
Align Middle Class Scholarship Appropriations
Repeal Preliminary Financial Aid Report
Reflect Ten-Year Vesting Period for Health and Dental Benefits
Support for Open Educational Resources
Discretionary Resources for Specified Districts
Financial Aid Technology and Processing Improvements
Student Equity and Achievement Program
Proposition 98 Certification Process



Health and Human Services

Child Support Services: Elimination of Obsolete Reports
CalWORKs Home Visiting Initiative
Department of Social Services: Elimination of Obsolete Reports
Community Treatment Facilities and Supplemental Medi-Cal Reimbursement
Hospital Quality Assurance Fee Administration
340B Drug Reimbursement in the Medi-Cal Program
Department of Health Care Services: Elimination of Obsolete Reports
Los Angeles County Supplemental License Fee
Department of Public Health: Elimination of Obsolete Reports
Use of Federal Standards for State Regulation
State-Operated Acute Crisis Services
Incompetent to Stand Trial Diversion
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development: Elimination of Obsolete Reports
CalWORKs Homeless Assistance Program Daily Rate Increase
Adult Protective Services Home Safe Pilot Program
Cost-Based Reimbursement Clinic Directed Payment Program
Home-Based Family Care Rate Clarification
Competency Restoration Assessments
Federal Indian Child Welfare Act Compliance
Increase Medi-Cal General Fund Loan Authority
Tribal-State Title IV-E Agreements: Start-up Allocation
Resource Family Approval Long Term Solution
Incompetent to Stand Trial Diversion Changes

Local Government, Labor, Employee Compensation, and Information Technology

Natural Resources and Capital Outlay