The Department of Finance prepares reports on matters that have a fiscal impact on California — from the demographic make-up of the people of California; to short and long-term financial plans for infrastructure improvements; to financial audits and performance reviews of state agencies, programs, and projects.

  • Accounting Reports

    Delinquent Accounts Receivable Report, Fund reconciliation, Statewide cost allocation and other statewide accounting reports.

  • Audit Reports, Memos and Letters

    Reports that communicate the fiscal integrity of state agencies.

  • Budget Reports

    Cash Management, General Fund Loans and Obligation Report, Multi-Year General Fund Budget Projection, and Salaries and Wages Supplement.

  • California Single Audit Reports

    Reports that communicate the fiscal integrity of state agencies.

  • Demographic Reports

    Demographic statistics on the size, distribution, and characteristics of the California population.

  • Economic and Revenue Updates

    Monthly report on state economic and revenue trends.

  • Legislative Analyses

    Finance reports its findings and support position through Bill Analyses. Search for Bill Analyses by Session, House, Bill Number and Date Range.

  • State Leadership Accountability Act Reports

    Government Code sections 13400 through 13407, known as the State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA), was enacted to reduce the waste of resources and strengthen internal control.

  • Other

    Capital Outlay and Infrastructure Reports, Cap and Trade Investment Plan, California Commission on Disability Access, and Legislative Reports.

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Governor Gavin Newsom
Finance Director Keely Bosler

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