Department of Finance Directors

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Alexander Heron

July 29, 1927 to January 30, 1930

Alexander Heron was the first Director of Finance appointed by Governor C.C. Young on July 29, 1927. Prior to his position as Director of Finance, Heron was an economist and worked under Governor Young at Mason-McDuffie, a real estate firm in Berkeley, California. He started in state government as an accountant for the State Board of Control, the predecessor to Finance. Under Governor Richardson, he became the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, eventually working under Young who appointed Heron after he was elected. He was very knowledgeable in financial matters, often saying, “You can’t see the forest because of the trees.” Those who worked under him described him as being able to come to an answer quickly. Heron completed the first detailed state budget, which was $176 million a year for a biennial budget. The budget focused on highway expenditures and bond interest. Heron was also responsible for determining how the Department of Education should be initially funded.