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Arlin Stockburger

January 31, 1934 to January 1, 1939

Arlin Stockburger was appointed Director of Finance by Governor Frank Merriam on January 31, 1934. He was born in West Fork, Arkansas, on August 10, 1888. Stockburger graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1910 with a bachelor’s degree. He was engaged in business in northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma until he enlisted for service in World War I in 1917. Stockburger served with the American Expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.) in France for a year as first lieutenant and was in the U.S. armed services for two years.

Stockburger came to California in 1924 and served as city manager of South Pasadena, Alhambra, and Ventura, until January 31, 1934, when Governor Merriam appointed him as Director of Finance. He was also President of the City Managers’ Association of California, President of the Association of City Planners, Los Angeles County; and a member of the Board of Directors for the League of California Municipalities.