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Gordon Smith

January 2, 1967 to February 29, 1968

Gordon Smith was appointed Director of Finance by Governor Ronald Reagan on January 2, 1967. He was the Vice President of Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. Prior to joining that firm, he spent three years with the Tax Foundation, Inc. in New York City. During this time, Smith oversaw major research projects in federal spending, state fiscal policies, and other fields. In 1954, he was a consultant for the executive branch of the federal government. He received a high commendation from President Herbert Hoover for this work.

Smith received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts in economics and a master’s degree from the University of Denver as a Sloan fellow. He also completed graduate work at New York University in the field of public administration. Smith authored many articles and was a guest speaker in the fields of government, education, management, and finance.