Organizational Chart

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Director of Finance

Joe Stephenshaw

Chief Deputy Director, Budgets

Erika Li

Chief Deputy Director, Policy

Gayle Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Gillihan

Chief Counsel

Kari Krogseng

Deputy Director of Legislation

Michele Perrault

Deputy Director, External Affairs

H.D. Palmer

Program Budget Managers

Matt Almy – Natural Resources, Environment, Capital Outlay

    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Natural Resources, Environment
      • Environment
      • Water
      • Natural Resources
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Capital Outlay, State Public Works Board
      • Education, Transportation, General Services
      • Natural Resources, Judicial
      • CDCR, HHS

Erica Gonzales – Forecasting

    • Chief, Demographic Research (DRU)
      • Assistant Chief, DRU Projections, Population
      • State Data Center
    • Chief, Revenue and Taxation
      • Revenue and Taxation
    • Chief, Economic Research
    • Regulatory Review

Chris Ferguson – Education

    • Higher Education
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager
      • Higher Education
      • Higher Education State Library
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager
      • Department of Education, K-12 Programs, K-12 Apportionment
      • Community Colleges, School Fac., Charter Schools
      • Department of Education, K-12 Programs, K-12 Apportionment
      • SDE, Categorical, Teacher Credentialing, District Apportionments
      • Education, Prop 98, Child Care
      • LCFF Account-ability, LCAP, County Off of Ed, Career Tech, Instr. Mats

Adam Dorsey – Health and Human Services

    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Health Services Mental Health, Public Health
      • Medi-Cal Health Benefits Exchange, DHCS, DMHC, CHHFA
      • State Hospitals, Mental Health
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Human Services, Developmental Services, State Hospitals
      • Social Services, Office of Systems Integration
      • Child Support Services, Realignment, Social Services
      • State Hospitals, Mental Health, DDS

Amy Jarvis – Corrections, Justice, General Government

    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, General Government
      • BCSHA
      • General Government
      • Corrections, Safety
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Corrections and Rehabilitation, Justice
      • Corrections and Public Safety
      • Courts and DOJ

Teresa Calvert – Energy, Transportation, Housing, Local Government, Labor

    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Energy, Transportation
      • Transportation
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Local Government, Housing, Labor
      • Local Government, Program and Policy, Mandates, Tax Administration
      • Housing, Labor

Thomas Todd – Budget Operations Support, Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit

    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Budget Operations Support
      • Cash Management and Consultation
      • Investable Resources
      • Financial Operations
      • Financial Operations
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager, Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit
      • Policy, FI$Cal Support, Statewide Training
      • Policy, FI$Cal Support, Accounting Hotline
      • Policy, FI$Cal Support, Statewide Training
      • Policy, FI$Cal, ProRata, SWCAP, Funds, CMIA
      • Policy, FI$Cal, UCM, SAM
      • Policy, FI$Cal, Fund Reconciliation
    • FI$Cal Project Support

Jennifer Whitaker – Administration, Employee Compensation, Information Technology

    • Chief, Admin and Info Services
      • Chief, Information Services
      • Business Services
      • Human Resources
      • DOF Budget
      • Learning and Development
    • Chief, Office of State Audits and Evaluations (OSAE)
      • Assistant Chief, OSAE
    • Assistant Program Budget Manager
      • Employee Compensation, CalHR, SPB, PERB, DGS
      • Pension Systems, Department of Tech, FI$Cal, Gov-Ops
      • Chief, Information Technology Consulting Unit