Manual Codes by Number

Fund Number & Title
0001 General Fund
0002 Property Acquisition Law Money Account
0003 Motor Vehicle Parking Facil Moneys Acct
0004 Breast Cancer Fund
0005 SafeNeighPks, ClnWtr, ClnAir/CstlProtcBdFd
0006 Disability Access Account
0007 Breast Cancer Research Account, Breast Cancer Fund
0008a Boxers Pension Account
0009 Breast Cancer Control Account, Breast Cancer Fund
0010a Hazardous Materials Enforce Train Acct
0011a Disability Insurance Program Acct Boxers
0012 Attorney General Antitrust Account
0013a Federal Receipts Acct, HWCA
0014 Hazardous Waste Control Account
0015a Firearms Safety Training Fund Special Ac
0016 Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund
0017 Fingerprint Fees Account
0018 Site Remediation Account
0019a Trustline Voluntary Registration Fund
0020 Law Library Special Account, Calif_State
0021 Enterprise Loan Fund, State
0022 Emergency Telephone Number Acct, State
0023 Farmworker Remedial Account
0024a Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund
0025a Leaking Undrgrnd Stor Tank Cost Recovery
0026 Motor Vehicle Insurance Account, State
0027 Tax Relief and Refund Account
0028 Unified Program Account
0029 Nuclear Planning Assessment Special Ac
0030 County School Service Fd Contingency Ac
0031a Agricultural & Forestry Residue Util Ac
0032 Firearm Safety Account
0033 Energy Conservation Assistance Ac, State
0034 Geothermal Resources Development Account
0035 Surface Mining and Reclamation Account
0036a Special Account for Capital Outlay
0037a Renewable Resources Energy Agricult Acct
0039a General Fund Contingency Reserve Acct
0040 Transportation Fund, State 041 thru 059
0041 Aeronautics Account STF
0042 Highway Account, State, STF
0043a Bikeway Account, STF
0044 Motor Vehicle Account, STF
0045a Bicycle Transportation Account, STF
0046 Public Transportation Account, STF
0047a Abandoned Railroad Account, STF
0048 Transportation Revolving Account, STF
0049a Toll Bridge Revenue Account, STF
0050a Colorado River Management Account
0051 Propane Safety Insp/Enforcmt Prog Trust
0052 Local Airport Loan Account
0053a Highway Construct Revolv Acct, State, STF
0054 New Motor Vehicle Board Account
0055 Mass Transit Revolving Account STF
0056a Seismic Safety Retrofit Account, STF
0057a SS Baton Rouge Victory Memorial Plaque
0058 Rail Accident Prevention & Response Fund
0059 Hazardous Spill Prevention Acct, RAPRF
0060 Transportation Tax Fund 061 thru 069
0061 Motor Vehicle Fuel Account
0062 Highway Users Tax Account, TTF
0063a Motor Vehicle Transportation Tax Account, Transportation Tax Fund
0064 Motor Vehicle License Fee Account, TTF
0065 Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup Account
0066 Sale of Tobacco to Minors Control Acct
0067a State Corporations Fund
0068a Diesel Fuel Trust Fund
0069 Barbering & Cosmetology Contingency Fund
0070 Occupational Lead Poisoning Prev Acct, GF
0071 Yosemite Foundation Acct, CELPF
0072 Collegiate License Plate Fund, Calif
0073a Resources License Plate Fund
0074 Medical Waste Management Fund
0075 Radiation Control Fund
0076 Tissue Bank License Fund
0077a State Employee Scholarship Fund
0078 Graphic Design License Plate Account
0079a Industrial Medicine Fund
0080 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund
0081 Alcohol Beverage Control Fund (Feeder Fund)
0082 Export Document Program Fund
0083 Veterans Service Office Fund
0084 Corporation Tax Fund
0085 Estate Tax Fund
0086 Cigarette Tax Fund
0087a School Safety Account
0088a Gift Tax Fund
0089 Inheritance Tax Fund
0090 Insurance Tax Fund
0091 Personal Income Tax Fund
0092a Radon Contractor Certification Fund
0093 Construction Management Education Acct
0094 Retail Sales Tax Fund
0095a Insurance Fund (Non-Oper 7/1/83 Use 217)
0096a Cal- OSHA Targeted Inspection & Consult
0097 Highway Carriers Uniform Bus Lic Tax Fund
0098 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Fund
0099 Health Statistics Special Fund
0100 Used Oil Recycling Fund, California
0101a School Facilities Fee Assistance Fund
0102 Fire Marshal Licensing & Cert Fund, St
0103a Administrative Claiming Fund
0104 San Joaquin River Conservancy Fund
0105a Oil Refinery & Chem Plant Safety Fd, Cal
0106 Pesticide Regulation Fund, Dept of
0107 Abandoned Vehicle Trust Fund
0108 Acupuncture Fund
0109a Adoption Information Fund
0110 Department of Food and Agriculture Fund
0111 Department of Agriculture Acct, Dept F & Ag Fund
0112a Agricultural Pest Control Research Accnt
0113 Missing Children Reward Fund
0114a Auctioneer Commission Fund
0115 Air Pollution Control Fund
0116a Wine Safety Fund
0117 Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Fund
0118a Registered Veterinary Techn Exam Comm Fd
0119 School Facilities Fund, 1998 State
0120 Mexican Amer Vet’s Memrl Beautif/Enhance
0121 Hospital Building Fund
0122 Emergency Food Assistance Program Fund
0123a Rural Economic Development Fund
0124 Agricultural Export Promotion Acct, CA
0125 Assembly Operating Fund
0126 Audit Fund, State
0127 Channel Islands Site Authority Fund, CSU
0128a Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund
0129 Water Device Certification Special Acct
0130a AWOL Abatement Program Fund
0131 Foster and Small Family Insurance Fund
0132 Workers' Compensation Managed Care Fund
0133 Beverage Container Recycling Fund, CA
0134a Redemption Acct, Beverage Contn Recycl Fd
0135a AIDS Vaccine Research Develop Grant Fd
0136a Banking Fund, State
0137a Vital Record Improvement Acct
0138a Commercial Motor Carrier Safety Enfmt Fd
0139 Driving-Under-the-Influence Prog Lic Trs
0140 Environmental License Plate Fund, Calif
0141 Soil Conservation Fund
0142 Sexual Habitual Offender, DOJ
0143 Health Data & Planning Fund, CA
0144 Water Fund, California
0145a Commerce Marketing Fund
0146a Capital Outlay Fd for Public Higher Educ
0147a Unitary Fund, California
0148a AIDS Clinical Trials Testing Fund
0149a AIDS Vaccine Victims Compensation Fund
0150a AIDS Vaccine Guaranteed Purchase Fund
0151 Community Services Development Account
0152 Chiropractic Examiners Fund
0153 San Gabriel/Lwr LA Rivers/Mnts Consvy Fd
0154a Ridesharing Vanpool Revolving Loan Fund
0155a Senior Citizens Housing Annuity Account
0156 Heritage Fund, California
0157a Collection Agency Fund
0158 Travel Seller Fund
0159 State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund
0160 Assembly and Senate, Operating Funds Of
0161a Local Project Non-Transient Spending
0162a Future Infrastructure Targeted Account
0163 Continuing Care Provider Fee Fund
0164a Teachers’ Replacement Benefits Prgm Fund
0165a Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Acct
0166 Certification Acct, Consumer Affairs Fd
0167 Delinquent Tax Collection Fund
0168 Structural Pest Control Research Fund
0169 Debt Limit Allocation Committee Fund, Cal
0170 Corrections Training Fund
0171 Debt & Investment Advisory Comm Fund, Cal
0172 Developmental Disabilities Prog Dev Fund
0173a Competitive Technology Fund
0174 Clandestine Drug Lab Clean-Up Account
0175 Dispensing Opticians Fund
0176a Delta Flood Protection Fund
0177 Food Safety Fund
0178 Driver Training Penalty Assessment Fund
0179 Environmental Laboratory Improvement Fnd
0180 Veterans Cemetery Master Devl Fd, No CA
0181 Registered Nurse Education Fund
0182a Electromagnetic Field Study Fd, Hlth Svcs
0183 Environmental Enhanc & Mitigat Prgm Fd
0184 Employment Developmnt Dept Benefit Audit
0185 Employment Development Contingent Fund
0186 Energy Resources Surcharge Fund
0187a Environmental Education Fund
0188a Energy and Resource Fund
0189a Energy Account, Energy & Res Fund
0190a Resources Account, Energy & Res Fund
0191 Fair and Exposition Fund
0192 Satellite Wagering Account
0193 Waste Discharge Permit Fund
0194 Emerg Medical Srvcs Trng Prog Approvl Fd
0195a Conservatorship Registry Fund
0196a Asset Forfeiture Distribution Fund
0197a Rural Health Care Equity Trust Fund
0198 Fire and Arson Training Fund, Calif
0199a Fireworks Licensing Fund, California
0200 Fish and Game Preservation Fund
0201 Medical Providers Interim Payment Fund
0202a Fisheries Restoration Account
0203 Genetic Disease Testing Fund
0204a Commercial Salmon Stamp Acct, Fish & Game
0205a Geology and Geophysics Account, Professional Engineer’s and Land Surveyor’s Fund
0206a Oil Spill Emergency Response Account
0207 Fish and Wildlife Pollution Account
0208a Hearing Aid Dispensers Account
0209 Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Calif
0210 Outpatient Setting Fd of Medical Board
0211 Waterfowl Habitat Preservation Acct, Cal
0212 Marine Invasive Species Control Fund
0213 Native Species Conserv & Enhancement Acc
0214 Restitution Fund
0215a Industrial Development Fund
0216a Industrial Development Fund
0217 Insurance Fund
0218a Rural Development Fund
0219a Lifetime License Trust Acct, Fish & Game
0220a National Guard Military Museum Fund, CA
0221a Industrial Loan Special Fund
0222a Workplace Health & Safety Revolving Fund
0223 Workers' Comp Administration Revolv Fund
0224a Food Safety Acct, Pesticide Reg Fd, Dept
0225a Environmental Protection Trust Fund
0226 Tire Recycling Management Fund, Calif
0227a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Fnd
0228 Business Fees Fund, Secty of State's
0229a Dry Cleaning Fund
0230 Cigarette & Tobacco Products Surtax Fund
0231 Health Ed Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
0232 Hospital Svc Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
0233 Physician Svc Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
0234 Research Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
0235 Public Res Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
0236 Unallocated Acct, Cig & Tob Pr Surtax
0237a Sacto-San Joaquin Delta Protection Fund
0238 Veterans Cemetery Perpetual Maintan Fd
0239 Private Security Services Fund
0240 Local Agency Deposit Security Fund
0241 Local Public Prosecutors & Pub Defend Trng
0242 Court Collection Account
0243 Narcotic Treatment Program Licensing Trust Fund
0244 Environmental Water Fund
0245 Mobilehome Parks and Special Occupancy Parks Revolving Fund
0246a Protective Services Fund
0247 Drinking Water Operator Cert Special Act
0248a Long Term Management Strategy Study Fund
0249a Individual & Family Suppl Grant Fund, CA
0250a OES Disaster Admin Suppt Acc
0251a Public Fac&loc Ag Dis Res Ac
0252 Disaster Assistance Fund
0253a Domestic Violence Fund (abolish 1/1/99)
0254a Street and Highway Account
0255a DNA Testing Fund, Department of Justice
0256 Sexual Predator Public Information Acct
0257 Earthquake Emergency Invest Acct-NDA Fd
0258a Work and Family Fund
0259 Supplemental Contributions Program Fund
0260 Nursing Home Admin St Lic Exam Fund
0261 Off Highway License Fee Fund
0262 Habitat Conservation Fund
0263 Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund
0264 Osteopathic Medical Bd of Calif Contn Fd
0265a Conservation and Enforcement Services Account, Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund
0266 Inland Wetlands Cons Fd, Wildlife Rest
0267 Exposition Park Improvement Fund
0268a Peace Officers’ Training Fund
0269 Glass Processing Fee Account
0270 Technical Assistance Fund
0271 Certification Fund
0272 Infant Botulism Treatment & Prevention
0273a Long Term Management Strategy Completion
0274a Business Reinvestment Fund
0275 Hazardous & Idle-Deserted Well Abate Fnd
0276 Penalty Acct, Ca Bev Container Recyc Fd
0277 Bimetal Processing Fee Acct, Bev Cont Re
0278 PET Processing Fee Acct, Bev Cont Rec Fd
0279 Child Health and Safety Fund
0280 Physician Assistant Fund
0281 Recycling Market Development Rev Loan Subaccount
0282a Bay Protection and Toxic Cleanup Fund
0283a Targeted Case Management Claiming Fund
0284a Loss Control Certification Fund
0285a Residential Earthquake Recovery Fund, CA
0286 Lake Tahoe Conservancy Account
0287a Youth Pilot Program Fund
0288 Internatl Student Exch Visitor Plcmt Org
0289 HICAP Fund, State
0290 Pilot Commissioners' Special Fd, Board
0292a Motor Carriers Permit Fund
0293 Motor Carriers Safety Improvement Fund
0294 Removal & Remedial Action Acct
0295 Podiatric Medicine Fund, Board of
0296 Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy
0297a Community and Economic Development Fund
0298a Financial Institutions Fund
0299 Credit Union Fund
0300 Professional Forester Registration Fund
0301a Playground Safety and Recycling Account
0303a Asbestos Training & Consultant Cert Fund
0304a Back Wages and Taxes Account
0305 Private Postsec & Vocatn Educ Admin Fund
0306 Safe Drinking Water Account
0307 Professions and Vocations Fund
0308 Earthquake Risk Reduction Fund of 1996
0309 Perinatal Insurance Fund
0310 Psychology Fund
0311 Traumatic Brain Injury Fund
0312 Emergency Medical Services Personnel Fnd
0313a Major Risk Medical Insurance Fund
0314 Diesel Emission Reduction Fund
0315a Aging Information and Education Fund
0316 San Fran Bay Area Conservancy Prog Acct
0317 Real Estate Fund
0318 Collins-Dugan Calif Conserv Corps Reimb
0319 Respiratory Care Fund
0320 Oil Spill Prevention & Administration Fd
0321 Oil Spill Response Trust Fund
0322 Environmental Enhancement Fund
0323a Commodity Merchant Account
0324a Telephonic Seller Commodity Contract Acc
0325 Electronic and Appliance Repair Fund
0326 Athletic Commission Fund
0327 Court Interpreters' Fund
0328 Public School Plng, Desgn & Constr Review Revlv Fd
0329 Vehicle License Collection Acct, LRF
0330 Local Revenue Fund
0331 Sales Tax Account, Local Revenue Fund
0332 Vehicle License Fee Account
0333 Sales Tax Growth Account
0334 Vehicle License Fee Growth Account
0335 Registered Environmental Health Spec Fd
0336 Mine Reclamation Account
0337a Savings Association Spec Fund
0338 Strong-Motion Instrumentation & Seismic
0339a Community College Faculty & Staff Dev Fd
0340a Faculty and Staff Diversity Fund
0341a Tideland Oil Rev Acct, Sch Bldg Le-Pur Fd
0342 School Fund, State
0343a Lease Facil Rev Acct, Sch Build Le-Pur Fd
0344a School Building Lease-Purchase Fund, St
0345a School Building Safety Fund
0346a Revolving Loan Acct, Sch Bldg Le-Purch Fd
0347 School Land Bank Fund
0348 Senate Operating Fund
0349 Educational Telecommunication Fund
0350a In-Home Supportive Service Reg Model, STA
0351 Mental Health Subaccount, Sales Tax Acct
0352 Social Services Subaccount, Sales Tx Acc
0353 Health Subaccount, Sales Tax Account
0354 Caseload Subacct, Sales Tax Growth Acct
0355a Indigent Health Equity Sub, SalesTaxGrwt
0356a Community Health Equity Subaccount, Sales Tax Growth
0357a Mental Health Equity Sub, SalesTx Growth
0358a State Hospital Mental Health Equity, STGA
0359 Co Medical Svc Subacct, Sales Tax Growth
0360a Mandates Claims Fund, State
0361 General Growth Subacct, Sales Tax Growth
0362a Base Restoration Subaccount, STGA
0363a Special Equity Subaccount, STGA
0364a American Heritage Rodeo Fdn Lic Plte Acc
0365 Historic Property Maintenance Fund
0366 Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund
0367 Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund
0368a Asbestos Consultant Certification Acct
0369a Asbestos Training Approval Account
0371 Beach and Coastal Enhancement Acct, Calif
0372 Disaster Relief Fund
0373a SF-Oaklnd Bay Bridge & Cypress Disast Fd
0374 Spec Fund for Econ Uncert
0375 Disaster Response-Emergency Operations Account, Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties
0376 Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensers Fund
0377a Higher Education Earthquake Account 1987
0378 False Claims Act Fund
0379a Historic Building Code Fund, State
0380 Dental Auxiliary Fund, State
0381 Public Int Res, Dev & Demonstratn Fund
0382 Renewable Resource Trust Fund
0383a Natural Resources Infrastructure Fund
0384 Salmon & Steelhead Trout Restoration Acc
0386 Solid Waste Disposal Site Cleanup Trust Fund
0387 Integrated Waste Management Account, Integrated Waste Management Fund
0389 Integrated Waste Management Fund
0390a School Construction Fund, St
0391 Parks and Recreation Fund Total 392-393
0392 Parks and Recreation Fund, State
0393a Job Creation Investment Fund
0394a Fines & Forfeitures Acct, Parks & Rec Fd
0395a Coast Zone Construct/Convers, Prks Rec Fd
0396 Self-Insurance Plans Fund
0397a Police Fund, California State
0398a Strong Motion Instrumentation Spec Fund
0399 Structural Pest Cntrl Educ&Enforcemnt Fd
0400 Real Estate Appraisers Regulation Fund
0402 Safe, Clean, Reliable Water Supply Fund
0403 Delta Improvement Account
0404 Central Valley Project Improvement Subac
0405 Bay-Delta Agreement Subaccount
0406a Tax Preparers Fund
0407 Teacher Credentials Fund
0408 Test Development and Admin Acct, Tc Fd
0409 Delta Levee Rehabilitation Subaccount
0410 Transcript Reimbursement Fund
0411a Residential Care Fac Persons W/Chronic
0412a Transportation Rate Fund
0413 South Delta Barriers Subaccount
0414a Delta Recreation Subaccount
0415 CALFED Subaccount
0416 Clean Water and Water Recycling Account
0417 State Revolving Fund Loan Subaccounts
0418 Small Communities Grant Subaccount
0419 Water Recycling Subaccount
0420a Vehicle Inspection Fund
0421 Vehicle Inspection and Repair Fund
0422 Drainage Management Subaccount
0423 Delta Tributary Watershed Subaccount
0424 Seawater Intrusion Control Subaccount
0425 Victim - Witness Assistance Fund
0426a Energy Efficiency Improvements Loan Fund
0427a Clean Fuels Account
0428a Hazardous Waste Mgmt Planning Subaccount
0429 Local Jurisdiction Energy Assistance
0430a Hazardous Waste Enforcement Training Fund
0431a Local Agency Technical Assistance Acc't
0433a Methane Gas Hazard Reduction Account
0434 Air Toxics Inventory and Assessment Acct
0436 Underground Storage Tank Tester Account
0437 Assistance for Fire Equipment Acct, State
0438a Supercomputer Center Account
0439 Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund
0440a Petro Undergrnd Storage Tank Financ Acct
0441a Waste Management Incentive Account
0442 Olympic Training Account, California
0443 Lake Tahoe Water Quality Subaccount
0444 Water Supply Reliability Account
0445 Feasibility Projects Subaccount
0446 Water Conservation & Groundwater Recharg
0447 Wildlife Restoration Fund
0448 Occupancy Compliance Monitoring Account
0449 Winter Recreation Fund
0450a Seismic Gas Valve Cert Fee Acct
0451a Manufactured Home License Fee Account
0452 Elevator Safety Account
0453 Pressure Vessel Account
0454a Hazardous Substance Account
0455a Hazardous Substance Subaccount
0456a Expedited Site Remediation Trust Fund
0457 Tax Credit Allocation Fee Account
0458 Site Operation and Maintenance Account
0459a Telephone Medical Advice Services Fund
0460 Dealers' Record of Sale Special Acct
0461 Public Utilities Comm Transport Reimb Acct
0462 Public Utilities Comm Utilities Reimb Acct
0463a R. Z'berg Urban Open Space Rec Prog Acct
0464 High-Cost Fund-A Admin Committee Fd, Cal
0465 Energy Resources Programs Account
0466a State Fair Police Special Account, Calif
0467 Notes Expense Account, State
0468a Los Angeles Medical Assistance Grant Acc
0469a Narc Assist & Relinquish Crim Offend Fd
0470 High Cost Fund-B Admin Committee Fd, Cal
0471 Universal Lifeline Telpne Svc Trust Admin
0472a Child Care & Devlpmt Fac Direct Ln Fd
0473a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Account
0474a Child Care & Dev Fac Ln Guaranty Fd
0475a Underground Storage Tank Fund
0476a Child Care Facilities Revolving Fund
0477a Gaming Registration License Fee Acct
0478 Vectorborne Disease Account
0479 Energy Tech Research, Dev, & Demo Acct
0480a Health Facilities License Fee Account
0481 Garment Manufacturers Special Account
0482a Surface Impoundment Assessment Account
0483 Deaf & Disabled Telecomm Prg Admin Comm
0484a Hazardous Subst Clearing Account
0485 Armory Discretionary Improvement Account
0486a Emergency Clean Water Grant Fund
0487 Financial Responsibility Penalty Account
0488a Veterans Memorial Account
0489a Rice Straw Demonstration Project Grant Fund
0490a Hazardous Waste Injection Well Account
0491a Payphone Service Providers Committee Fd
0492 Athletic Commission Neurological Examination Acct, St
0493 Teleconnect Fd Admin Comm Fd, Cal
0494 Other - Unallocated Special Funds
0495a Court Funding Account
0496 Developmental Disabilities Services Acct
0497 Local Govt Geothermal Resource Subacct
0498a Higher Education Fees and Income-CSU
0499 Pending New Special Funds
0500a Antioch & Carq Strait Bridge Toll Rev Fd
0501 Housing Finance Fund, California
0502 Water Resources Development Bond Fund
0503a National Guard Members Farm & Home Bldg Fd
0504a Carquinez Straits Bridge Construction Fd
0505 Affordable Student Housing Revolving Fd
0506 Central Valley Water Project Const Fund
0507 Central Valley Water Project Revenue Fd
0508a Senior Citizens Housing Assistance Fund
0509 Revenue Bond Acct, CA Res Earthqk Rec Fd
0510a Expo & State Fair Enterprise Fund, Cal
0511 Del Mar Grandstand Capital Reserve Acct
0512 State Compensation Insurance Fund
0513a First-Time Home Buyers Fund
0514 Employment Training Fund
0515a Harbor Bond Sinking Fund
0516 Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund
0517a India Basin Sinking Fund
0518 Health Facility Const Loan Insurance Fd
0519a Maritime Academy Continuing Educ Rev CA
0520a New Antioch Bridge Construction Fund
0521a Rural Econ Dev Infrastructure & Rev Bd
0523 East Bay State Building Authority Fund
0524a Los Angeles State Building Authority Fund
0525 High Tech Education Rev Bond Fund, PBCF
0526 School Finance Authority Fund, Calif
0527a Richmond--San Rafael Toll Revenue Fund
0528 Alternative Energy Authority Fund, Calif
0529a San Diego Coronado Bridge Const Fund
0530 Mobilehome Park Purchase Fund
0532a Small Business Bond Ins Reserve Fd, CA
0533a Small Busns Ins Corp Operations Fund, CA
0534a New Prison Construction Revenue Fund
0535a Main Street Program Fund, CA
0536a San Diego Coronado Toll Rev Fd
0537 Capitol Area Development Fund
0538 San Francisco State Building Fund
0539 Oakland State Building Authority Fund
0540a San Fran Oakland Bay Bridge Construct Fd
0541 San Bernardino St Building Authority Fd
0542a San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Revenue Fund
0543 Local Projects Subaccount
0544 Sac Valley Water Mgmt & Habitat Protect
0545 River Parkway Subaccount
0546 Bay-Delta Ecosystem Restoration Account
0547 Flood Control and Prevention Account
0548a Title Insurance Fund
0549 Large Teaching Emphasis Hosptl & Payment
0550 Medi-Cal Medical Ed Supplemental Payment
0551a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
0552a San Francisco Seawall Sinking Fund No 2
0553a San Francisco Seawall Sinking Fund No 3
0554a San Francisco Seawall Sinking Fund No 4
0555 Healthy Families Fund
0556a Judicial Admin Efficiency & Modernztion
0557 Toxic Substances Control Account
0558 Farm & Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup & Abate
0559a Small Craft Harbor Bond Fund
0560a Small Craft Harbor Improvement Fund
0561 Riverside County Public Financing Auth
0562 Lottery Fund, State
0563 Scholarshare Program Trust Fund
0564 Scholarshare Administrative Fund
0565 Coastal Conservancy Fund, State
0566 Child Abuse Fund, DOJ
0567 Gambling Control Fund
0568 Tahoe Conservancy Fund
0569 Gambling Control Fines & Penalties Acct
0570 Uninsured Employers' Fund, Total 571-572
0571 Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund
0572a Stringfellow Insurance Proceeds Account
0573 University Cont. Education Revenue Ed, St
0574 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd, 1998
0575 College Dorm Bldg Maint & Eq Res Fd, St
0576 CSU Dormitory Construction Fd, Calif St
0577 Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Fund
0578 CSU Dormitory Int & Red Fund
0579a Welfare-to-Work Fund
0580 University Dormitory Revenue Fd, Calif State
0581 University Facilities Revenue Fund, Stat
0582 High Polluter Repair or Removal Account
0583 University Parking Revenue Fund, State
0584a Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Acct, STF
0585 Counties Children & Families Account
0586a Toll Bridge Construction Fund
0587 Family Law Trust Fund
0588 Unemployment Compensation Disability Fd
0589 Cancer Research Fund
0590 Veterans Debenture Revenue Fund
0591 Veterans Indemnity Fund
0592 Veterans' Farm & Home Building Fund 1943
0593 Coastal Access Account, SCCF
0594 Veterans Farm & Home Building Fund 1970
0595a Vincent Thomas Bridge Construction Fund
0596a Vincent Thomas Bridge Toll Revenue Fund
0597a High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution Program Trust Fund
0599 Treasury Accountability-Calstars Systems
0600 Vending Stand Fund
0601 Agriculture Building Fund
0602 Architecture Revolving Fund
0603a Fairs Insurance Fund, California
0604 Armory Fund
0605a Ballot Paper Revolving Fund
0606 Charter School Revolving Loan Fund
0607a Nonrep State Emp L-T Disability Ins Fund
0608a Equipment Service Fund
0609a Industries for the Blind Mfg Fund, C
0610 Orientation Center for Blind Trust Fund
0611a Community College District Org Revolv Fd
0612 Sacramento City Financing Authority Fund
0613a Energy Efficiency Fund, California Board for
0614a Low-Income Governing Board Fund
0615a Peace Offcrs & Firefighters Defined Cont
0616 County Formation Revolving Fund
0617 Water Pollution Control Revolving Fd, St
0618 Federal Revolving Loan Fund Account
0619 Revolving Loan Fund Account, State
0620 Child Care Facilities Revolving Fund
0621 Veterans Memorial Registry Fund, Calif
0622a Drinking Water Treatment & Research Fund
0623 Children & Families First Trust Fd., Cal
0624a Equipment Management Revolving Fund
0625 Administration Account
0626 Water System Reliability Account
0627 Source Protection Account
0628 Small System Technical Assistance Acct
0629 Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fd
0630 General Obligation Bond Exp Revolv Fund
0631 Mass Media Comm Acct, Child & Fam Trust
0632a Health & Human Svs Agy Data Ctr Rev Fd, CA
0633a Economic Developmnt Financing Auth Fd, CA
0634 Education Acct, Child & Families Trust Fd
0635a Rural Predevelopment Loan Fund
0636 Child Care Acct, Child & Families Trust
0637 Research & Devel Acct, Child & Fam Trust
0638 Administration Acct, Child & Families
0639 Unallocated Acct, Child & Families Trust
0640a Regional Burn & Trauma Center Fund
0641 Domestic Violence Restrng Order Reimb Fd
0642 Domestic Violence Trng & Education Fund
0643 Upper Newport Bay Ecological Maint&Presv
0644 General Cash Revolving Fund
0645a Structural Pest Control Device Fund
0646a Parks System Deferred Maintnce Acct, St
0647a Marine Life & Marine Reserve Mgmt Acct
0648 Mobilehome-Manufactured Home Revolv Fd
0649 Infrastructure & Economic Devl Bank, Cal
0650a Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Acct, STF
0652 Old Age & Survivors Insurance Revolv Fd
0653 Seismic Retrofit Bond Fund of 1996
0654a Opportunity Work Center Revolving Fund
0655a Education Technology Trust Fund
0656 Unalloc Gen Oblig Bnd Commercl Paper Fnd
0657a School Facilities March 1996 Bond Account, State School Building Lease- Purchase Fund
0658 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd 1996
0659a Public Safety Bond Fund of 1996
0660 Public Buildings Construction Fund
0661 Public School District Org Revolving Fd
0662a Revolving Loan Fund
0663a Physicians Contract Back Account
0664a Primary Care Risk Pool
0665 Rehab Revolving Loan Guarantee Fund
0666 Service Revolving Fund
0667a Rural Health Services Reinsurance Acct.
0668 Public Buildings Construction Fund Subaccount
0669a Supported Emp Revolv Loan Guarantee Acc
0670 Clean Water Grants Admin Revolv Fund, St
0671 Rural Health Services Account (898)
0672 Child Hlth & Disab Prevent Trtmt Acct
0673 Passenger Equipment Acquisition Fund
0674a Expenditure Revolving Fund, State (SERF)
0675 Payroll Revolving Fund, State
0676 Ridesharing Vanpool Revl Loan & Grant Fd
0677a PERS Board Coop PERS Serv Revolv, Fd, St
0678 Prison Industries Revolving Fund
0679 Water Quality Control Fund, State
0680a Surplus Property Revolving Fund
0681 Surplus Money Investment Fund
0682 Inmate & Ward Construction Rev Acct, Prison Ind. Rev Fd
0683a Stephen P Teale Data Center Revolv Fd
0684 New Industries Revolving Acct, Prison Industries Rev Fd
0685a University of Calif Teach Hosp Revolv Fund
0686a Clean Water Bond Guarantee Fund
0687 Donated Food Revolving Fund
0688 Small & Rural Hospital Supplemental Pymt
0689a Disaster Housing Repair Fund, California
0690a Employment Development Department Building Fund
0691 Water Resources Revolving Fund
0692 Water Resources Control Board Revolv Fun
0693a Emergency Services and Supplemental Payments Fund
0694a Petroleum Financing Collection Account
0695a Grant and Loan Collection Account
0696 Welfare Advance Fund
0697a Family Housing Demonstration Account
0698 Home Purchase Assistance Fund
0700a Governor’s Residence Account
0701 Veterans’ Home Fund
0702 Consumer Affairs Fund
0703 Clean Air & Transportation Improv. Fund
0704 Accountancy Fund
0705 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd 1992
0706 Architects Board Fund, CA
0707 Safe Drinking Water Fund, California
0708 School Facil Bond Act Nov 90, Sch Bld L/P Fd
0710a Hazardous Substance Cleanup Fund
0711a County Correctional Fac Expenditure 1986
0713a Barber Examiners Fund, State Board of
0714 Roberti Affordable Housing Fund
0715a SSC Development Fund
0716a Community Parklands Fund
0717 Cemetery and Funeral Fund
0718a Health Science Facil Construct Prog Fund
0720 Lake Tahoe Acquisition Fund
0721 Parkland Fund of 1980
0722a Parkland Fund of 1984
0723 New Prison Construction Fund
0724 Prison Construction Fund, 1984
0725 Co Jail Capl Expend Fd, Bond Act of 1981
0726 Public School Building Loan Fund
0727 Co Jail Capl Expend Fd, Bond Act of 1984
0728a Recreation & Fish & Wildlife Enhance Fd
0729 Senior Center Bond Act Fund
0730 Coastal Conservancy Fund of 1984, State
0732a Beach Park Rec & Hist Facil Fd 1964, St
0733a Beach Park Rec & Hist Facil Fd 1974, St
0734 Clean Water Fund, State
0735 Contractors License Fund
0736 Construction Program Fund, State
0737 Clean Water & Water Conservation Fd, St
0738a Cosmetology Contingent Fund, Board of
0739 School Building Aid Fund, State
0740 Clean Water Bond Fund, 1984 State
0741 Dentistry Fund, State
0742 Urban and Coastal Park Fund, State
0743a Bond Proceeds Account, State School Building Lease-Purchase Fund
0744 Water Consv Water Quality Bond Fund 1986
0745a School Facilities Bond Act - June 1992
0746 Prison Construction Fund, 1986
0747 Prison Construction Fund, 1988
0748 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Fd
0749 Refunding Escrow Fund
0750a State Funeral Directors and Embalmers Fund
0751 Prison Construction Bond Fund, 1990
0752 Home Furnish & Thermal Insulat Fd, Burea
0753a Dry Cleaning Account
0755 Licensed Midwifery Fund
0756 Passenger Rail Bond Fund of 1990
0757 Landscape Architects Fd, CA Bd/Arch Exam
0758 Contingent Fd of the Medical Board of CA
0759 Physical Therapy Fund
0761 Registered Nursing Fund, Board of
0762a Oil Spill Bond Expense Account
0763 Optometry Fund, State
0764 Clean Water & Reclamation Fnd, 1988
0765a School Facilities Bond Act-Nov 1992
0767 Pharmacy Board Contingent Fund
0768 Earthq Saf Pub Bldg Rehab Fund of 1990
0769 Private Investigator Fund
0770 Professional Engineer’s & Land Surveyor’s Fd
0771 Court Reporters Fund
0773 Behavioral Science Examiners Fund
0774 School Facil June 90 Bond Ac, Sch Bldg L-Pfd
0775 Structural Pest Control Fund
0776 School Facil Nov 88 Bond Ac, Sch Bldg L-P Fd
0777 Veterinary Medical Board Contingent Fund
0778 Vocational Nurse & Psych Tech Exam Fund
0779 Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians Fund
0780a Psychiatric Technicians Account
0782 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fund
0783a Federal Student Loan Reserve Fund
0784 Student Loan Operating Fund
0785 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd 1988
0786 Wildlife, Coast & Park Conservation Fd 88
0787a Wildlife & Natural Areas Conservation Fd
0788 Earthqke Safe & Housng Rehab Bond Acc, CA
0789a School Facilities June 1988 Bond Account, State School Building Lease - Purchase Fund
0790 Water Conservation Fund, 1988
0791 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond, June 1990
0793 Safe Drinking Water Fund of 1988, Calif
0794 Library Construction & Renovation Fnd, CA
0795 Pending New Select Bond Fund
0796a 1998 County Correctional Facility Capital Expenditure and Youth Facility Bond Fund
0797 Unallocated Bond Funds - Select
0798 Unallocated Bonds Funds - Non Select
0799 Pending New Non-Governmental Funds
0800a United States Olympic Committee Fund
0801a Small Business Development Center Fund, CA
0802a Supplemental Roll Administrative Cost Fd
0803 Children's Trust Fund, State
0804a Industrial Innovation Fund
0805a Rail Passenger Financng Commission Fd CA
0807a Underage Pregnancy Prevention Fund
0808a Computer Software Refund Fund
0809a Export Finance Fund
0810a County Hlth Facil Financing Assist Fund
0811a Displaced Homemaker Emergency Loan Fund
0812a Reader Employment Fund
0813 Self-Help Housing Fund
0814 Lottery Education Fund, Calif State
0815 Judges’ Retirement Fund
0816 Audit Repayment Trust Fund
0818a Employees Dental Care Fund, State
0819a University Employees Dental Care Fund, CA St
0820 Legislators Retirement Fund
0821 Flexelect Benefit Fund
0822 Public Employees' Health Care Fund
0823 Alzheimer & Relat Disord Research Fd, CA
0824a Export Promotion Ac, CA (World Trade Com)
0826a Superfund Bond Trust Fund
0827 Milk Producers Security Trust Fund
0828a Hazardous Waste Reduction Loan Account
0829 Health Professions Education Fund
0830 Public Employees' Retirement Fund
0831 Lottery Educ Fund - CA Youth Auth, CA St
0832a Empl's Depnd Care & Hlth Care Asst Fd, St
0833 Annuitants' Health Care Coverage Fund
0834 Medi-Cal Inpatient Pymt Adjustment Fund
0835 Teachers Retirement Fund
0836a Teachers' Retirement Fund Account
0837a Retirees Purchasing Power Protec Acct
0838a Maritime Acad Trust Fd, Cal
0839 University Lottery Education Fund, Cal S
0840 Motorcyclist Safety Fund, Cal
0841a Comm Coll Investment Fund for Innovation
0842 Orphan Share Reimbursement Trust Fund
0843a Housing Trust Fund, Cal
0844a Collins-Dugan CA Conservation Corps Fund
0845a Carl Moyer Mem Air Qualty Attainmnt Trst
0846 Public Awards Fund
0847 Asset Forfeiture Fund
0848 Health Care for Indignt Pgrm Acc, Co Hlth
0849 Replacement Benefit Custodial Fund
0850a Lighting Device Fund
0851 Auxiliary State School Fund
0852a Federal Revenue Sharing Fund
0853 Petroleum Violation Escrow Account
0854 Katz Schoolbus Fund
0855a Used Oil Collection Demonstration Grant
0856a Guaranteed Return Trip Fund
0857a Energy Efficiency Technology Rev Fd
0858 Recreational Trails Fund
0860 Traffic Safety Program Fund, Calif
0861a Public Health Federal Fund
0862a Child Care Facilities Fund, State
0863a Child Care Capital Outlay Fund, State
0864 Lake Tahoe Assistance Fund
0865 Mental Health Managed Care Deposit Fund
0866a Olympic Training Fund, California
0867 Farmland Conservancy Program Fund, CA
0868 Health Plan & Dev Fund, Office of Stwd
0869 Consolidated Work Program Fund
0870 Unemployment Administration Fund
0871 Unemployment Fund
0872 Mental Health Facil Fd, St Hospital Acct
0873 Mental Hlth Fac Fd, Inst Mntl Disease
0874 Flood Control Receipts Fund, United Sts
0875a Military Museum Fund, California
0876a D.A.R.E. Calif (Drug Abse Resist Ed) Fnd
0877 DMV Local Agency Collection Fund
0878 Forest Reserve Fund, United States
0879a Local Police Protection Fund
0880a Cash Balance Fund
0881 Veterinary Diag Lab Sys & Eq. Res Lab Acc, CA
0882 Grazing Fees Fund, United States
0883 Public Employees' Long-Term Care Fund
0884 Judges’ Retirement System II Fund
0885 PERS Deferred Compensation Fund
0886 Seniors Special Fund, California
0887a Vocational Education Federal Fund
0888a Legalization Impact Assistance Fnd, State
0889 Vocational Rehabilitation Federal Fund
0890 Federal Trust Fund
0891 Federal Trust Fund – Appropriated
0892a Warrant Payment Fund
0893a Offshore Energy Assistance Fund
0894a Local Coastal Program Improvement Fund
0895 Federal Funds - Not In State Treasury
0896 Co Medical Svcs Prog Acct, Co Hlth Svc F
0897a LA Co Med Assist Grnt Acc, Co Hlth Svc F
0898a County Health Services Fund
0899a County Health Acct, Co Health Svs Fd
0900a Local Hlth Capital Expend Acc, Co Hlth F
0901a Medical Indigent Svs Acct, Co Hlth Svs F
0902 Mining & Mineral Museum Fd, Calif State
0903 Penalty Fund, State
0904 Health Facilities Financing Auth Fund, CA
0905a Election Campaign Fund - Do not use
0906a Heritage Preservation Fund, California
0907a Public Broadcasting Fund, California
0908 School Employees Fund
0909 Community College Fund for Instr Improve
0910 Condemnation Deposits Fund
0911 Educational Facilities Authority Fund
0912 Health Care Deposit Fund
0913 Industrial Relations Unpaid Wage Fund
0914 Bay Fill Clean-Up and Abatement Fund
0915 Deferred Compensation Plan Fund
0916 Housing Loan Insurance Fund, CA
0917 Inmate Welfare Fund
0918 Small Business Expansion Fund
0919a Birth Defects Research Fund
0920 Litigation Deposits Fund
0921a Public Library Fund
0922a Economic Development Grant & Loan Fd, CA
0923a Immunization Adverse Reaction Fund
0924 Local Agency Investment Fund
0925 Comm Coll Bus Res Asst Innovation Netwrk, CA
0926 Local Agency Emergency Loan Fund
0927 Joe Serna, Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Fd
0928 Forest Resources Improvement Fund
0929 Housing Rehabilitation Loan Fund
0930 Pollution Control Financing Authority Fd
0931a Local Agency Code Enforce & Rehabil Fund
0932 Trial Court Trust Fund
0933 Managed Care Fund
0934a Local Agency Reimbursement Fund
0935a Local Agency Indebtedness Fund
0936a Homeownership Assistance Fund
0937a Small Business Loan Reserve Fund
0938 Rental Housing Construction Fd
0939 Nutrition Reserve Fund
0940 Bosco Keene Renewable Resources Invest Fd
0941 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Fund
0942 Special Deposit Fund
0943 Land Bank Fund
0944a Special Interest Stopping Place Fund
0945 Breast Cancer Research Fund, California
0946a Student Security Trust Fund
0947 CSU Special Project Fund
0948 CSU Trust Fund
0949a Fair Contingent Fund, State
0950 Public Employees Contingency Res Fd
0951a Guaranteed Loan Reserve Fund, State
0952 Park Contingent Fund, State
0953a Alfred E. Alquist Earthquake Fund
0954 Student Loan Authority Fund
0955a Instructional Materials Fund, State
0956 School Site Utilization Fund, State
0957a Voluntary Alliance Uniting Employers Fd
0958a Women's Business Ownership Fund, CA
0959a Foster Children and Parent Train Fund
0960 Student Tuition Recovery Fund
0961 School Deferred Maintenance Fund, State
0962 Volunteer Firefighter Length Serv Awd Fd
0963a Teacher Tax Sheltered Annuity Fund
0964a Mediterranean Fruit Fly Claims Fund
0965 Timber Tax Fund
0966a Local Public Safety Fund
0967a Timber Tax Reserve Fund
0968a Interim Public Safety Account, LPSF
0969 Public Safety Account, LPSF
0970 Unclaimed Property Fund
0971a Targeted Supplemental Fund
0972 Manufactured Home Recovery Fund
0973a Asbestos Abatement Fund
0974 Peace Officer Memorial Foundation Fund
0975a Public School Library Protect Fd, Calif
0976a Home Loan Mortgage Fund, California
0977 Resident-Run Housing Revolving Fund
0978a Test Fund (SCO Use Only)
0979 Firefighters' Memorial Fund, California
0980 Predevelopment Loan Fund
0981a World Trade Commission Fund, CA. State
0982 Urban Waterfront Area Restor Fin Auth CA
0983a California Fund for Senior Citizens
0984a Rural Community Facility Grant Fund
0985 Emergency Housing and Assistance Fund
0986 Local Property Tax Revenues (DOF USE ONLY)
0987 Toll Bridge Funds, Consolidated
0988 Other - Unallocated Non-Governmental Cost Funds
0989 Proprietary Fd Outside Central Treas Sys
0990 Fiduciary Fds Outside Central Treas Sys
0991 County Funds--Unclassified
0992 Higher Education Fees and Income
0993 University Funds--Unclassified
0994 Other Unclassified Funds
0995 Reimbursements (DOF USE ONLY)
0996 General Long-Term Debt Account
0997 Fund Code Reserved for CALSTARS
0998 Reserved-Ofc Revolving Fund-CALSTARS
0999 Suspense Fund (Control Agencies Only)
1002a Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing
1003 Cleanup Loans & Environ Assist to Neighbor.
1004a City Successor to VLF Resulting from IRP
1005a County Successor to VLF Resulting from IRP
1006 Rural CUPA Reimbursement Account
1008 Firearms Safety and Enforcement Special Fd
1009a Special Telephone Solicitors Fund
1010 Natural Heritage Preservation Tax Credit Reimburse Acct.
1011 Budget Stabilization Account
1016a Debt Retirement Fund
1017 Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program Fund
1018 Lake Tahoe Science and Lake Improvement Account, GF
1019 Safety Net Reserve Fund
1020 Infrastructure Stabilization Fund
1022 Budget Deficit Savings Account
1023a CalWORKs Subaccount, Safety Net Reserve Fund
1024a Medi-Cal Subaccount, Safety Net Reserve Fund
1025 State Infrastructure and Maintenance Fund
1026 California Winter Rice Habitat Incentive Program Account
1027 California Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Full-Day Kindergarten Facilities Account
1028 Rapid Response Reserve Fund
1029 The Public School System Stabilization Account
1030 Consumer Privacy Fund
1031 California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Licensing Revenues and Royalties Fund
2500a Pedestrian Safety Account, State Transportation Fund
2501 Local Transportation Loan Account, SHA, STF
2503 SR-710 Rehabilitation Account
2504 Advance Mitigation Account, STF
2505 Rail Infrastructure Account, State Transportation Fund
3000a Financial Surety Acct, Radiation Control Fd
3001 Public Beach Restoration Fund
3002 Electrician Certification Fund
3003a Permanent Amusement Ride Safety Insp. Fd.
3004 Garment Industry Regulation Fund
3005a Film California First Fund
3006 Jobs-Housing Balance Improvement Account
3007 Traffic Congestion Relief Fund
3008a Transportation Investment Fund
3010 Pierce’s Disease Management Account
3011a Special Res Fd for Vehic Lic Fee Tax Relief
3012a Fire Safety Subaccount
3013 Central Coast State Vet Cemetery at Ft Ord Operations
3014 Baldwin Hills Conservancy Fund
3015 Gas Consumption Surcharge Fund
3016 Missing Persons DNA Data Base Fund
3017 Occupational Therapy Fund
3018 Drug and Device Safety Fund
3019 Substance Abuse Treatment Trust Fund
3020 Tobacco Settlement Fund
3021a Agricultural Biomass Utilization Account
3022 Apprenticeship Training Contribution Fund
3023 WIC Manufacturer Rebate Fund
3024 Rigid Container Account
3025 Abandoned Mine Reclamation & Minerals Fd Sub
3027 Trauma Care Fund
3028a Transitional Housing for Foster Youth Fund
3029a Golden Bear State Pharmacy Asst Program
3030 Workers’ Occupational Safety & Health Ed Fd
3031a Workers’ Compensation Return-to-Work Fund
3033 Memorial Scholarship Fund, California
3034 Antiterrorism Fund
3035a Environmental Quality Assessment Fund
3036 Alcohol Beverage Control Fund
3037 Court Facilities Construction Fund, State
3038a Community Revitalization Fee Fund
3039 Dentally Underserved Acct., State Dent. Fd
3040a Medically Underserved Acct., Contingent Fd
3041a Address Confident. for Reprod. Health Care
3042 Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund
3046 Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Administrative Fund
3053 Public Rights Law Enforcement Special Fund
3054 Health Care Benefits Fund
3055 County Health Initiative Matching Fund
3056 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Fd
3057 Dam Safety Fund
3058 Water Rights Fund
3059 Fiscal Recovery Fund
3060 Appellate Court Trust Fund
3061 Ratepayer Relief Fund
3062 Energy Facility License and Compliance Fund
3063 Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund, State
3064 Mental Health Practitioner Education Fund
3065 Electronic Waste Recovery & Recycling Acct
3066 Court Facilities Trust Fund
3067 Cigarette & Tobacco Products Compliance Fd
3068 Vocational Nurse Education Fund
3069 Naturopathic Doctor’s Fund
3070 Nontoxic Dry Cleaning Incentive Trust Fund
3071 Car Wash Worker Restitution Fund
3072 Car Wash Worker Fund
3074 Medical Marijuana Program Fund
3075 Unlawful Sales Reduction Fund
3076a Public Benefit Trust Fund
3077 Main Street Program Fund, California
3078 Labor and Workforce Development Fund
3079 Children’s Medical Services Rebate Fund
3080 AIDS Drug Assistance Program Rebate Fund
3081 Cannery Inspection Fund
3082 School Facilities Emergency Repair Account
3083 Welcome Center Fund
3084 State Certified Unified Program Agency Account
3085 Mental Health Services Fund
3086 DNA Identification Fund
3087 Unfair Competition Law Fund
3088 Registry of Charitable Trusts Fund
3089 Public Utilities Commission Public Advocate's Office Account
3090 Deficit Recovery Bond Retirement Sinking Fund Subacct
3091 Certified Access Specialist Fund
3092a Gap Repayment Fund
3093a Transportation Deferred Investment Fund
3094 Self Directed Services Risk Pool Fund
3095 Film Promotion and Marketing Fund
3096 Nondesignated Public Hospital Supplemental Fund
3097 Private Hospital Supplemental Fund
3098 State Dept of Public Health Licensing & Certification Prog
3099 Licensing and Certification Fund, Mental Health
3100 Water Resources Electric Power Fd., Dept. of
3101 Analytical Laboratory Account, Dept of Food & Agric Fd
3102a Acute Orphan Well Account, Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Administrative Fund
3103 Hatchery and Inland Fisheries Fund
3104 Coastal Wetlands Fund
3107 Transportation Debt Service Fund
3108 Professional Fiduciary Fund
3109 Natural Gas Subaccount
3110 Gambling Addiction Program Fund
3111 Retail Food Safety and Defense Fund
3112 Equality in Prevention and Services for Domestic Abuse Fund
3113 Residential and Outpatient Program Licensing Fund
3114 Birth Defects Monitoring Program Fund
3115 Youthful Offender Block Grant Fund
3116a Mass Transportation Fund
3117 Alternative & Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Fd
3118a Voter Intimidation Restitution Fund
3119 Air Quality Improvement Fund
3120 Fire Marshal Fireworks Enforcement & Disposal Fd, State
3121 Occupational Safety and Health Fund
3122 Enhanced Fleet Modernization Subaccount
3123 Coastal Act Services Fund
3130 Inclosure Facilities Improvement Fund
3131 California Bingo Fund
3132 Charity Bingo Mitigation Fund
3133 Managed Care Administrative Fines and Penalties Fund
3134 School District Account
3135 State Trial Court Operations Trust Fund
3136 Foreclosure Consultant Regulation Fund
3137 Emergency Medical Technician Certification Fund
3138a Immediate and Critical Needs Account, SCFCF
3139 Specialized License Plate Fund
3140 State Dental Hygiene Fund
3141 California Advanced Services Fund
3142 State Dental Assistant Fund
3144 Building Standards Administration Special Revolving Fd
3145 Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Contamination
3147 St Water Pollution Control Rev. Fd Small Com Grant Fd
3148 Children and Families Health and Human Services Fund
3149 Local Safety and Protection Account, TTF
3150 State Public Works Enforcement Fund
3151 Internal Health Info Integrity Quality Imprvmnt Acct
3152 Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund
3153 Horse Racing Fund
3155 Lead-Related Construction Fund
3156 Children's Health and Human Services Special Fd
3157 Recreational Health Fund
3158 Hospital Quality Assurance Revenue Fund
3159 Arts and Entertainment Fund
3160 Wastewater Operator Certification Fund
3162a Gold Star License Plate Account, SLPF
3163 Health Information Technology & Exchange, CA
3164 Renewable Energy Resources Development Fee Trust Fd
3165 Enterprise Zone Fund
3167 Skilled Nursing Facility Quality and Accounting Special Fd
3168 Emergency Medical Air Transportation and Children’s Coverage Fund
3169a Juvenile Reentry Fund
3170 Heritage Enrichment Resource Fund
3171 Local Revenue Fund 2011
3172 Public Hospital Investment, Improvement, and Incentive
3175 California Health Trust Fund
3176 Trial Court Security Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
3177 Local Community Corrections Acct, Local Rev Fund 2011
3178 Local Law Enforcement Services Acct, Locl Rev Fd 2011
3179 Mental Health Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
3180 District Attorney and Public Defender Account, LRF 2011
3181 Juvenile Justice Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
3182 Health and Human Services Account, Local Rev Fd 2011
3183 Reserve Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
3184 Adult Protective Services Subaccount, HHS Account
3185 Child Welfare Services Subaccount, HHS Account
3186 Adoptions Subaccount, Health and Human Services Acct
3187 Adoption Assistance Program Subaccount, HHS Acct
3188 Child Abuse Prevention Subaccount, HHS Acct
3189 Women & Children’s Residntial Trmnt Scvs Sub HHS Acc
3190 Drug Court Subaccount, Health and Human Svcs Acct
3191 Nondrug Medi-Cal Substnce Abuse Trmnt Svcs Sub HHS
3192 Drug Medi-Cal Subaccount, Health and Human Svcs Acct
3193 Youthful Offender Block Grnt Subaccount, Juv. Just. Acct
3194 Juvenile Reentry Grant Subaccount, Juv. Just. Acct
3195 Carpet Stewardship Acct, Integrated Waste Managem Fd
3196 Carpet Stewardship Penalty Subacct, Int. Wste Manag Fd
3197 Undistributed Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
3198 Foster Care Assistance Subaccount, HHS Account
3199 Foster Care Administration Subaccount, HHS Account
3200 CalWORKs Maintenance of Effort Subaccount, STA
3201 Low Income Health Program MCE Out-of-Network
3202 Architectural Paint Stewardship Account, IWMF
3203 Architectural Paint Stewardship Penalty Subacct, IWMF
3204a Entertainment Work Permit Fund
3205 Appliance Efficiency Enforcement Subaccount, ERPA
3207 Education Protection Account
3209 Office of Patient Advocate Trust Fund
3210 Davis-Dolwig Acct, CA Water ResourcesDvlpmnt BondFd
3211 Electric Program Investment Charge Fund
3212 Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund
3213 Long-Term Care Quality Assurance Fund
3214 Support Services Account, Local Revenue Fund 2011
3215 Law Enforcement Services Account, LRF 2011
3216 Protective Services Subaccount, Support Services Acct
3217 Behavioral Health Subacct, Support Services Acct
3218 Support Services Growth Subaccount, SUTGA
3219 County Intervention Support Services Subaccount, SSA
3220 Law Enforcement Services Growth Subaccount, SUTGA
3221 Trial Court Security Subaccount, LESA
3222 Enhancing Law Enforcement Activities Subaccount, LESA
3223 Community Corrections Subaccount, LESA
3224 District Attorney and Public Defender Subaccount, LESA
3225 Juvenile Justice Subaccount, LESA
3226 Juvenile Reentry GrantSpecialAcct, JuvenileJusticSubacct
3227 Youthful Offender BlockGrntSpcAcct, JvnleJustie SubAcct
3228 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund
3229 Sales and Use Tax Growth Account, Local Revn Fd 2011
3230 Juvenile Justice Growth Special Acct, LESGS
3231 Enhancing Law EnforcementActGrwthSpecialAcct, ELEAS
3232 District Attorney and Public DefenderGrwSpeAcct, LESGS
3233 Community Corrections Growth Special Acct, LESGS
3234 Trial Court Security Growth Special Account, LESGS
3235 Behavioral HS Growth Special Acct, SSGS
3236 Protective Services Growth Special Account, SSGS
3237 Cost of Implementation Acct, Air Pollution Control Fund
3238 State Parks Revenue Incentive Subacct, St Prk And Rec
3239 Women and Children’s Residential Treatment Services
3240 Secondhand Dealer and Pawnbroker Fund
3241 Coho Salmon Recvry Acct, Fish&GamePreservation Fund
3242a Child Performer Services Permit Fund
3243 San Francisco Vehicle Assessment Fund
3244 Political Disclosure, Accountability, Transparency, and
3245 Disability Access and Education Revolving Fund
3246 Fair Employment & Housing Enfcmnt & Lit Fund
3247 Financial Aid Technical Assistance Fund
3248 Family Support Subaccount, Sales Tax Account
3249 Child Poverty and Family Suppmntl Support SA, STA
3250 Transportation Bond Direct Payment Account, Trans DSF
3251 Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Surcharge Fund
3252 CURES Fund
3253 Made in California Fund
3254 Business Programs Modernization Fund
3255 Home Care Fund
3256 Specialized First Aid Training Program Approval Fund
3257 Used Mattress Recycling Fund
3258 Mattress Recovery and Recycling Penalty Acct, Used
3259 Recidivism Reduction Fund
3260 Regional RR Accident Prep & Response Fd
3261 Vessel Operator Certification Account, H & W Rev Fd
3262 Expedited Claim Account, Undrgnd Strg Tank Clnup Fd
3263 College Access Tax Credit Fund
3264 Site Cleanup Subaccount
3265 Prepaid MTS PUC Account
3266 Prepaid MTS 911 Account
3267 Reusable Grocery Bag Fund
3268 Senior Citizens & Disabled Cit. Proprty Tax Postpnmnt Fd
3269 Cigarette Fire Safety and Firefighter Protection Fund
3270 Local Charges for Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Fd
3272 CA Domestic Violence Prevention Fd
3273 Employment Opportunity Fund
3274 Social Services Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3275 County Medical Services Program Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3276 CalWORKs Maintenance of Effort Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3277 – County Medical Services Program Growth Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Growth Account
3278 Mental Health Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3279 Health Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3281 Family Support Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3280 – General Growth Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Growth Account
3282 Child Poverty and Family Supplemental Support Subaccount, Vehicle License Fee Account
3283 County Medical Services Program Subaccount, Sales Tax Account
3284 – County Medical Services Program Growth Subaccount, Sales Tax Growth Account
3285 Electronic Recording Authorization Fund
3286 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund
3287 Second Chance Fund
3288 Cannabis Control Fund
3289a – Cemetery and Funeral Fd
3290 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account, State Transportation Fund
3291 Trade Corridor Enhancement Account, State Transportation Fund
3292 State Project Infrastructure Fund
3293 Health and Human Services Special Fund
3294 Consumer Recovery Account
3295 Education and Research Account
3296 Flood Risk Management Fund
3297 Major League Sporting Event Raffle Fund
3299 Oil and Gas Envir Remediation Account
3300 Ammunition Vendors Special Account
3301 Lead-Acid Battery Cleanup Fund
3302 Safe Energy Infrastructure and Excavation Fund
3303 Ammunition Safety and Enforcement Special Fund
3304 California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3305 Healthcare Treatment Fund
3306 Graduate Medical Education Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3307 State Dental Program Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3308 Tobacco Law Enforcement Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3309 Tobacco Prevention and Control Programs Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3310 Medical Research Program Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3311 Health Care Services Plan Fines and Penalties Fund
3312 Natural Resources & Parks Preservation Fund
3313 Southern CA Veterans Cemetery Master Development Fd
3314 California Cannabis Tax Fund
3315 Household Movers Fund
3316 Pet Lover's Fund
3317 Building Homes and Jobs Trust Fund
3318 Department of Public Health Subaccount, Tobacco Law Enforcement Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3319 Department of Tax and Fee Administration Subaccount, Tobacco Law Enforcement Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3320 Department of Justice Subaccount, Tobacco Law Enforcement Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3321 Department of Education Subaccount, Tobacco Prevention and Control Programs Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3322 Department of Public Health Subaccount, Tobacco Prevention and Control Programs Account, CA Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund
3323 Medi-Cal Emergency Medical Transport Fund
3324 Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund
3325 County Intervention Support Services
3326 Safe Drinking Water Small Community Emergency Grant Fund
3327 Reversion Account Subaccount, Mental Health Services Fund
3328 Pharmaceutical and Sharps Stewardship Fund
3329 Mobilehome Dispute Resolution Fund
3330 TNC Access for All Fund
3331 Medi-Cal Drug Rebate Fund
3333 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Tax and Fee Administration
3334 The Health Care Services Special Fund
3335 Cannabis Tax Fund – Department of Cannabis Control
3336 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Food and Agriculture
3337 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Public Health
3338 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Fish and Wildlife
3339 Cannabis Tax Fund - State Water Resources Control Board
3340 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Pesticide Regulation
3341 Cannabis Tax Fund - State Controller's Office
3342 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Finance
3343 Cannabis Tax Fund - Legislative Analyst's Office
3344 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Industrial Relations
3345 Cannabis Tax Fund - Employment Development Department
3346 Cannabis Tax Fund – Department of Cannabis Control – Allocation 2
3347 Cannabis Tax Fund - California Highway Patrol - Allocation 2
3348 Cannabis Tax Fund - Governor's Office Business and Economic Development -Allocation 2
3349 Cannabis Tax Fund - University of California San Diego Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research -Allocation 2
3350 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Health Care Services, Youth Education, Prevention, Early Intervention and Treatment Account - Allocation 3
3351 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Fish and Wildlife, Environmental Restoration and Protection Account - Allocation 3
3352 Cannabis Tax Fund - Department of Parks and Recreation, Environmental Restoration and Protection Account - Allocation 3
3353 California Highway Patrol, State and Local Government Law Enforcement Account - Allocation 3
3354 Cannabis Tax Fund - Board of State and Community Corrections, State and Local Government Law Enforcement Account - Allocation 3
3356 Pharmaceutical and Sharps Stewardship Penalty Account
3357 The Supportive Housing Program Subaccount, Mental Health Services Fund
3358 Truck Emission Check Fund
3359 Certification and Compliance Fund
3360 Financial Empowerment Fund
3361 California Earthquake Safety Fund
3362 PACE Oversight Fund of the State Department of Health Care Services
3363 Financial Protection Fund
3364 Department of Fish and Wildlife - California Environmental Quality Act Fund
3365 California Access to Housing and Services Fund
3366 Electronic Cigarette Excise Tax Fund
3371 Aliso Canyon Recovery Account
3372 Data Brokers’ Registry Fund
3373 Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development Program Fund
3375 Loan Repayment Program Account, Healthcare Treatment Fund
3376 Cannabis Tax Fund – Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
3377 Center for Data Insights and Innovation Fund
3378 Small Business Hiring Credit Fund
3379 Golden State Stimulus Emergency Fund
3380 Horse and Jockey Safety and Welfare Account
3381 Health Care Affordability Reserve Fund
3383 Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Account
3385 Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund
3387 Certified Veteran Service Provider Program Fund
3388 Cannabis Fines and Penalties Account
3389 County Revenue Protection Fund
3390 Mercury Thermostat Collection Program Fund
3391 Small and Rural Hospital Relief Fund
3392 Nesting Bird Habitat Incentive Program Account, Fish and Game Preservation Fund
3393 California Desert Conservation Program Fund Account
3394 California Electronic Cigarette Excise Tax Fund, Health Professions Career Opportunity Program
3395 California Electronic Cigarette Excise Tax Fund, University of California Medical Education Account
3396 Industrial Hemp Enrollment and Oversight Fund
3398 California Emergency Relief Fund
3400 Health Plan Improvement Trust Fund
6000 Public Library Construction & Renovatn, CA
6001 Safe Drnkg, Cln Wtr, Wtrsh Prot, & Flo Prot
6002 Flood Protection Account
6003 Floodplain Mapping Subaccount
6004 Agriculture & Open Space Mapping Subacct
6005 Flood Protection Corridor Subaccount
6006 Flood Control Subventions Subaccount
6007 Urban Stream Restoration Subaccount
6008 State Capital Protection Subaccount
6009 San Lorenzo River Flood Control Subacct
6010 Yuba Feather Flood Protection Subaccount
6011 Arroyo Pasajero Watershed Subaccount
6012 Watershed Protection Account
6013 Watershed Protection Subaccount
6014 Water and Watershed Education Subaccount
6015 River Protection Subaccount
6016 Santa Ana River Watershed Subaccount
6017 Lake Elsinore San Jacinto Wtrshd Subacct
6018 Coastal Watershed Salmon Habitat Subacct
6019 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Subacct
6020 Revolving Fund Loan Subaccount, State
6021 Wastewater Construction Grant Subaccount
6022 Coastal Nonpoint Source Control Subacct
6023 Water Conservation Account
6024 Water Supply Reliability & Infrastruct Acct
6025 Conjunctive Use Subaccount
6026 Bay-Delta Multipurpose Managemnt Subacct
6027 Interim Wtr Sup & Wtr Qlty Infrast & Mgmt
6028 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd, 2002
6029 Clean Water, Cln Air, Cstl Protc Fd, CA
6031 Water Secty, Cln Drnk Wtr, Cstl Beach Prot.
6032 Voting Modernization Fund
6033 Youth Soccer & Recreation Devel Fd, CA
6034 Urban Parks and Healthy Comm. Fund, State
6035a Santa Monica Bay Restoration Account
6036 School Facilities Fund, 2002 State
6037 Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund
6038 Building Equity & Growth in Neighborhoods Fd
6039 Preservation Opportunity Fund
6040 Charter School Facilities Account, 2002
6041 Higher Education Cap Outlay Bond Fd, 2004
6042a Pension Obligation Bond Fund
6043 High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Fund
6044 School Facilities Fund, 2004 State
6045 Economic Recovery Fund
6046 Children's Hospital Fund
6047 Stem Cell Research and Cures Fund, CA
6048 University Capital Outlay Bond Fund, 2006
6049 Community College Capital Outlay Bond Fund, 2006 CA
6050 Tobacco Asset Sales Revenue Fund
6051 Safe Drnkg Wtr, Wtr Qlty & Sply, Fld Ctrl, Rvr & Cstl Prtn Fd
6052 Disaster Preparedness & Flood Prevention Bond Fd 2006
6053 Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Qlty, & Port Sec Fd
6054 Ports Infrastructure, Sec, & Air Qlty Improvement Acct, CA
6055 Corridor Mobility Improvement Acct
6056 Trade Corridors Improvement Fund
6057 School Facilities Fund, 2006 State
6058 Transportation Facilities Account
6059 Public Transportation, Mdrnztn, Imprvmt&Sv Enhncmt Acct
6060 State-Local Partnership Program Acct
6061 Transit System Safety, Security, & Disaster Response Acct
6062 Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit Acct
6063 Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Acct
6064 Highway Safety, Rehabilitation, & Preservation Acct
6065 Local Strts & Rd Imprvmt, Cngstn Relief, &Traffic Sfty Acct
6066 Housing & Emergency Shelter Trust Fund of 2006
6067 Affordable Housing Acct
6068 Affordable Housing Innovation Fund
6069 Regional Planning, Housing, & Infill Incentive Acct
6070 Transit-Oriented Development Acct
6071 Housing Urban-Suburban-and-Rural Parks Acct
6072 Route 99 Account, State
6073 Port and Maritime Security Account
6076 Ocean Protection Trust Fund, California
6079 Children's Hospital Bond Act Fund
6080 Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drnkng Wtr Supply Fd of 2010
6081 Veterans’ Bonds Payment Fund
6082 Housing for Veterans Fund
6083 Water Quality, Supply, & Infrastrctre Imprv Fund of 2014
6084 No Place Like Home Fund
6085 CA Border Environment Health FD
6086 2016 State School Facilities Fund
6087 2016 California Community College Capital Outlay Bond Fund
6088 California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Fund
6089 Affordable Housing Bond Act Trust Fund of 2018
6090 Children's Hospital Bond Act Fund of 2018
6091 California Stem Cell Research and Cures Fund of 2020
6801 Transportation Financing Subaccount, SHA
6802 Transportation Financing Authority Fund, CA
7500 Public Water System, Safe Drinking Water State Revolv.
7502 Demonstration Disproportionate Share Hospital Fund
7503 Health Care Support Fund
7504a South Los Angeles Medical Services Preservation Fund
7505 Revolving Loans Fund
7895 Extramural Federal Funds-Not in St Treasury
7896 Auxiliary Organizations
8000 Charter School Security Fund
8001 Teachers’ Health Benefits Fund
8002a National WWII Veteran’s Memorial Trust Fund
8003a Asthma and Lung Disease Research Fund
8004 Child Support Collections Recovery Fund
8005 Teachers’ Replacement Benefits Prgm Fund
8006a Lupus Foundation of America, CA Chapters Fd
8007a Specialty Care Fund
8008 State Employees’ Pretax Parking Fund
8009 Agricultural Employee Relief Fund
8010a Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Fund
8011 Oak Woodlands Conservation Fund
8012 San Diego River Conservancy Fund
8013 Environmental Enforcement & Training Account
8014 Pharmacist Scholarship & Loan Repayment, CA
8015a Public Health Protect from Indoor Mold Hzrd
8017 Missions Foundation Fund, California
8018 Salton Sea Restoration Fund
8019 Deficit Recovery Fund
8020 Environmental Education Account
8022a Military Family Relief Fund, California
8023 Child Welfare Services Program Improve Fd
8024a Worker Safety Bilingual Investigative
8025a Prostate Cancer Research Fund, CA
8026 Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fin Acct
8027a Gateway Fund
8028 Petroleum Financing Collection Account
8029 Coastal Trust Fund
8031 Child Support Payment Trust Fund
8032 Oil Trust Fund
8033 Distressed Hospital Fund
8034 Medically Underserved Account for Physicians
8035a California Sexual Violence Victim Services Fund
8036a California Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund
8037a Veteran's Quality of Life Fund
8038 Donate Life California Trust Subaccount
8039 Disaster Resistant Communities Account
8040 Discount Prescription Drug Program Fund, California
8041 Teachers' Deferred Compensation Fund
8042a Service Operating Acct, 403 (b)
8043a Deferred Compensation Services Operating Acct
8044a Deferred Compensation Investment Acct
8045a Vendor Registry Operating Acct, 403 (b)
8046 Teachers' Retirement Program Development Fund
8047 Sea Otter Fund, California
8048 Central Coast State Vet Cemetery at Ft Ord Endowment
8049 Vision Care Program for State Annuitants Fund
8050 Methamphetamine Abuse Prevention Account, CA
8051 Cash for College Fund
8052 Economic Development Fund, California
8053a ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease Research Fund
8054 California Cancer Research Fund
8055 Municipal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund
8056a California Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
8058 Cultural and Historical Endowment Fund, Cal
8059 Community Corrections Performance Incentives Fd, St
8060 Delta Investment Fund
8061 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Fund
8062 Pooled Self-Insurance Fund
8064 Arts Council Fund
8065 Safely Surrendered Baby Fund
8066 California Police Activities League (CALPAL) Fund
8067a California Veterans Homes Fund
8068a California Financial Literacy Fund
8069 Child Victims of Human Trafficking Fund
8070 California Healthy Food Financing Initiative Fund
8071 National Mortgage Special Deposit Fund
8072 California State Park Enterprise Fund
8073a California Health Access Model Program Acct, California
8074 California Youth Leadership Fund
8075 School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund
8076 State Parks Protection Fund
8077 California YMCA Youth and Government Fund
8078 California Military Department Support Fund
8079 Women and Girls Fund
8080 Clean Energy Job Creation Fund
8081 CalSavers Retirement Savings Trust Program Fund
8082 Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Trust Fund
8083 Stringfellow Residual Proceeds Account
8084 American Red Cross, California Chapters Fund
8085 Keep Arts in Schools Fund
8086 Protect Our Coast and Oceans Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund
8087 FI$Cal Consolidated Payment Fund
8088 Graton Mitigation Fund
8089 Tribal Nation Grant Fund
8090 California Arts Council Contribution and Donations Fund
8092 Habitat for Humanity Fund
8093 California Sexual Violence Victim Services Fund
8094a California Senior Legislature Fund
8095 Historic State Capitol Fund
8096 Department of Developmental Services Trust Fund
8097 Prevention of Animal Homelessness and Cruelty Fund
8098 California Americans with Disabilities Act Small Business Capital Access Loan Program Fund
8099 Public Interest Attorney Loan Repayment Account
8100a Renewable Energy Loan Loss Reserve Fund
8101 CA ABLE Administrative Fund
8102 California Seismic Safety Capital Access Loan Program Fund
8103 Type 1 Diabetes Research Fund
8104 Domestic Violence Victims Fund
8105 Revive the Salton Sea Fund
8106 Special Olympics Fund
8107 Whole Person Care Pilot Special Fund
8108 Global Payment Program Special Fund
8109 Veterans' Home Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Special Fd
8110 Water_Data_Administration_Fund
8111 CalSavers Retirement Savings Trust Administration Fund
8113 Desig Pub Hosp Grad Med Edu Fd
8116 Early Psychosis & Mood Disorder Detection Fund
8117 Native CA Wildlife Rehabilitation Vol Tax Fund
8118 Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund
8119 CalTap Endowment Fund
8120 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Fund
8121 Schools Not Prisons Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund
8122 National Alliance on Mental Illness California Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund
8123 California ABLE Program Fund
8124 Suicide Prevention Voluntary Contribution Fund
8131 Mental Health Crisis Prevention Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund
8125 California Outdoor Equity Account, State Parks and Recreation Fund
8126 College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund
8127 California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program Fund
8128 Good Neighbor Authority Fund
8129 – School Energy Efficiency Program Fund
8130 – California Community and Neighborhood Tree Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund
8500 Federal Temporary High Risk Health Insurance Fund
8501 Capital Access Fund, California
8502 LIHP Fund
8504 Military Department Workers' Compensation Fund
8505 Coronavirus Relief Fund
8506 Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Fund of 2021
8507 Home & Community-Based Services American Rescue Plan Fund
8814 Rape Kit Backlog Vol Tax Fund
8815 CA Senior Citizen Advocacy Vol Tax Fund
9250 Boxers’ Pension Fund
9251 California Employers' Pension Prefunding Trust Fund
9326a Consumer Power & Conserv Fin Auth Fd, CA
9328 Infrastructure Guarantee Trust Fund, CA
9329a Chrome Plating Pollution Prevention Fund
9330 Clean and Renewable Energy Business Fin Rev Loan
9331 High-Speed Rail Property Fund
9332 California Alternative Energy Authority Fund
9333 Department of Water Resources Charge Fund
9334 Climate Catalyst Revolving Loan Fund
9335 Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes Program Subaccount, California School Finance Authority Fund
9726 Child Support Services Advance Fund
9727 BEP Vendor Loan Interest Rate Buy-Down Fund
9728 Judicial Branch Workers’ Compensation Fund
9729 Parks Project Revolving Fund
9730 Technology Services Revolving Fund
9731 Legal Services Revolving Fund
9732a Office of Systems Integration Fund
9733 Court Facilities Architecture Revolving Fund
9734 Charter School Facilities Account, 2004
9735 Charter School Facilities Account, 2006
9736 Transit-Oriented Development Implementation Fund
9737 FISCal Internal Services Fund
9739 Water Pollution Control Revolving Fd Administration Fd, St
9740 Central Service Cost Recovery Fund
9741 Energy Efficient State Property Revolving Fund
9743 State Agency Investment Fund
9744 Voluntary Investment Program Fund
9745 California Health and Human Services Automation Fund
9746 Natural Gas Services Program Fund
9747 CalRecycle Greenhouse Gas Reduction Revolving Ln Fd
9749 CalConserve Water Use Efficiency Revolving Fund
9750 Immigrant Integration Fund
9751 Public Safety Communications Revolving Fund
9752 CAL-Fire Infrastructure Projects Revolving Fund
9753 Digital Innovation Services Revolving Fund
9993 Extramural Nonfederal Unclassified Funds
9994 Extramural Funds