Budget Reports

  • Supplemental Pension Payment Report (September 2017) — Pursuant to Chapter 50, Statutes of 2017 (SB 84), the report is provided to the Legislature and contains the analysis of the supplemental pension payment to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System in GC16320LettertoLBC2017-18.
  • 2021-22—Estimated Cash Flow of Receipts, Disbursements, and Borrowable Resources (August 2021)
  • Cash Flow Management – Explanation of Internal Cash Flow Borrowing Practices
  • General Fund Loans and Obligations Report—Prepared by the Cash Management Unit, the report is provided to the Legislature February 1 and August 1 of each year pursuant to Government Code Section 16320. The report provides a list of outstanding loans with anticipated repayment dates made from various special funds to the General Fund and a list of General Fund budgetary obligations.
  • Multi-Year General Fund Budget Projection—Pursuant to Proposition 2 of 2014, the report projects total General Fund revenues and expenditures for the budget year and the three ensuing fiscal years. The projections are only estimates and actual outcomes could vary substantially. Beginning with the 2012-13 Governor’s Budget, SB 15 (Chapter 737, Statutes of 2011), requires that the projection of the budget year’s General Fund total resources and total expenditures at the Governor’s Budget, May Revision, and budget enactment, be accompanied by the projections for the same year from the previous four budget acts. This comparison page is updated to reflect the latest budget year projection.
  • Salaries and Wages Supplement—This is the complete and detailed data on the actual, approved, and estimated staffing level for each state department for the workload budget. The information is reported on an actual basis for fiscal year 2018-19, and on an authorized basis for fiscal years 2019-20 and 2020-21.