Benefits and Compensation


Employees may participate in the Annual Leave Program or elect to earn Vacation and Sick Leave separately. Time accrued is based on state service:

Annual Leave

Length of Service Earned Each Month
1 month – 10 years 15 hrs
10 years – 15 years 17 hrs
15 years – 20 years 18 hrs
20 years – 25 years 19 hrs
Over 25 years 20 hrs

Vacation/Sick Leave

Length of Service Vacation
Earned Each Month
Earned Each Month
7 months – 3 years 7 hrs 8 hrs
3 years – 10 years 11 hrs 8 hrs
10  years – 15 years 13 hrs 8 hrs
15 years – 20 years 14 hrs 8 hrs
20 years – 25 years 15 hrs 8 hrs

Leave time is accrued each qualifying month worked and available for use the 1st day of the following month. Annual Leave and Sick Leave have no wait period, whereas brand new state employees must serve a 6 month wait period to receive their initial Vacation accruals. Additionally, employees receive two Professional Development Days each fiscal year.


Employees are entitled to time-off with pay for all 11 state Holidays. Holidays are listed on the CalHR website. Additionally, employees receive one Personal Holiday every July 1st.


Employees automatically join the California Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS). The plan allows for a retirement allowance of 2 percent of salary for each year of service at time of retirement.  Under this formula, an employee with 35 years of service will receive a retirement allowance equal to 70 percent (2 x 35 = 70) of their highest average annual compensation during any consecutive 12 or 36 month period of employment.  While the employee contributes a percentage of their salary, the state also contributes toward the employees’ retirement account. All retirement information can we found on CalPERS’ website.

CalPERS retirement plans and formulas are based on your first date of hire to state service. If you have previous state service, please refer to the Human Resources Office for information on how it will apply to your current appointment.

Additional deferred compensation plans (401k and 457) are available thru Savings Plus.

Medical, Dental, and Vision

  • All eligible employees are offered MedicalDental, and Vision benefits effective the 1st of the following month after appointment.
  • Benefits cover eligible employees, spouse, registered domestic partner, and dependents.
  • Employees have the opportunity to select Health and Dental benefits from a variety of plan options, including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). Employees choose the plan and coverage levels that best meet their needs. Finance employees receive a Consolidated Benefits (CoBen) allowance to use for Health and Dental insurance. Any difference in costs are deducted from the employee’s monthly payroll.
  • If an employee has coverage through another source, such as a spouse or parent, they may opt to receive cash in lieu of both Health and Dental coverage or for Health coverage only.
  • Enrollment into the state’s Basic Vision Plan for eligible employees and dependents is automatic. Premier Vision plans, with additional coverage, are also available.

Other Benefits

Optional Benefits

For more detailed information on all state Benefits, please visit CalHR’s Benefits Orientation webpage.