Department Mailing Lists

The Department of Finance provides various communications via email subscription services, called mailing lists. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please select a mailing list:

  • Budget Operations:  Notification of new Budget Letters containing budget and accounting policies and instructions.
  • Demographic Research (DRU):  Notification when new demographic data becomes available.
  • Economic Research:  Notification when new economic data becomes available.
  • Finance Bulletins:  Notification when the newest edition of the Finance Bulletin is published.
  • FI$Cal Resources for Accounting:  Notification of new or revised FI$Cal training and eLearning courses and other accounting-related information.
  • Innovation Awards in Higher Education
  • Office of State Audits and Evaluations (OSAE):  Receive Audit Memos via email.
  • SB617 Regulations:  Receive updates and notifications.
  • Single Audit Process:  Notification of Single Audit Instructions, Audit Memos, reporting due dates, and other critical Single Audit-related notices.
  • State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA)
  • State Public Works Board (SPWB):  Receive meeting notices, agendas, and other Board-related notices.
  • Statewide Cost Allocation:  Pro Rata / SWCAP, ICRP, and other Cost Allocation notifications

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