How To Join Our Team

If you’re new to employment with the State of California, or a current employee looking to move to a new job classification, you must complete the exam/assessment and application process below. If you’re a state retiree, register on Boomerang to be placed in a hiring pool state departments use for recruiting.

STEP 1: Create a CalCareers Account

Examinations and Job Vacancies are offered through CalCareers, a site created by California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). In order to review and apply to these selection procedures, you must create a CalCareer Account. This account enables you to:

  • Search for jobs and take online exams
  • Submit applications to jobs and examinations
  • Store work history and cover letters
  • Review job vacancies and examination results

Fill-and-print Form CalHR STD 678:  State of California Examination/Employment Application

Printable Form CalHR 1093:  Application for Veterans’ Preference for California State Civil Service Examinations

STEP 2: Take an Exam to Establish List Eligibility

Exams are administered to assess knowledge, skills, and abilities of future employees. Candidates must participate in an examination prior to applying to a job vacancy.

STEP 3: Apply for Job Openings

Once you pass an examination and obtain List Eligibility, you can begin to search for jobs at

STEP 4: Get Invited to a Job Interview

Print the job posting and associated attachments for the vacancy. This contains all the position details such as the duty statement, job description information, special requirements, and contact information for the position.

Study the position. Review the classification specification to understand the duties, tasks, and minimum qualifications necessary for the position.

Need additional assistance in the hiring process? Attend a FREE seminar offered by California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).