Office of State Audits and Evaluations Roles and Responsibilities

The Office of State Audits and Evaluation (OSAE) is the audit organization for the Executive Branch of the state. We conduct audit engagements requested by the Governor’s Office, Legislature/Legislation, Finance Director, or other state entities. OSAE’s primary responsibilities include Audits and Evaluations, Bond Accountability, Redevelopment Agency Dissolution, the state’s Single Audit, and the State Leadership Accountability Act. As a Financial and Performance Evaluator (FPE), you will perform financial, performance, and compliance audits; quality assurance reviews; budgetary reviews; as well as consulting services.

Specifically, you will assist in the planning, data gathering, and analysis associated with most assignments. You will be asked to conclude and report as to the adequacy, completeness, and accuracy of data and/or other work products. This may be completed independently as part of a smaller assignment or as part of a team in a larger more complex assignment. These assignments may occur locally or throughout California.

If you are interested in the types of reports you would be responsible for creating while working with OSAE, visit DOF’s Audit and Evaluation Reports webpage.