FSCU Contacts

FSCU Hotline

For questions related to general fiscal/accounting policies and procedures, including the fiscal/accounting sections of the State Administrative Manual please contact the FSCU Hotline at: (916) 324-0385, email fscuhotline@dof.ca.gov. For a list of frequently asked questions received by FSCU, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Pro Rata and SWCAP Hotline

For questions related to Pro Rata and the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) please contact the Pro Rata/SWCAP Hotline at (916) 324-0385, fiproswp@dof.ca.gov.

Contact Phone Email
Larry SatterChief (916) 445-3434 x2802 larry.satter@dof.ca.gov

FSCU Staff Contacts by Topic

Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) Development and State Controller’s Office/State Treasurer’s Office (SCO/STO) Implementation, Finance Accounting, eLearning, FI$Cal Department Support, Policy Support

Cash Management Improvement Act, Indirect Cost Rate Proposal, Pro Rata, SWCAP, Internal Service Funds, Manual of State Funds, FI$Cal Department Support

FI$Cal Department Support, FI$Cal Training, Policy Support

Contact Phone Email
Jeniffer Felisilda, Manager (916) 445-3434 x2804 jeniffer.felisilda@dof.ca.gov
Amy Ascencio (916) 445-3434 x2872 amy.ascencio@dof.ca.gov
Lorraine Hernandez (916) 445-3434 x2839 lorraine.hernandez@dof.ca.gov
Vonn Lam (916) 445-3434 x2845 vonn.lam@dof.ca.gov
Meina Lu (916) 445-3434 x2860 meina.lu@dof.ca.gov
Suzette Patton (916) 445-3434 x2840 suzette.patton@dof.ca.gov
Denae Pruner (916) 445-3434 x2811 denae.pruner@dof.ca.gov
Asha Sharma (916) 445-3434 x2844 asha.sharma@dof.ca.gov
Marina Yakimova (916) 445-3434 x2833 marina.yakimova@dof.ca.gov

Uniform Codes Manual, Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Fund Balance Reconciliation, State Fund Accounting Course, FI$Cal Development and SCO/STO Implementation, FI$Cal Department Support

Contact Phone Email
Hazel Miranda, Manager (916) 445-3434 x2122 hazel.miranda@dof.ca.gov
Cindy Chen (916) 445-3434 x2854 cindy.chen@dof.ca.gov
Heather Langdon (916) 445-3434 x2141 heather.langdon@dof.ca.gov
Cecilia Lor (916) 445-3434 x2174 cecilia.lor@dof.ca.gov
Mui Phung (916) 445-3434 x2164 mui.phung@dof.ca.gov
Theresa Rawlins (916) 445-3434 x2167 theresa.rawlins@dof.ca.gov
Daniel Saephan (916) 445-3434 x2145 daniel.saephan@dof.ca.gov
Yaohui Yu (916) 445-3434 x2829 yaohui.yu@dof.ca.gov

FSCU Hotline, State Administrative Manual (Fiscal / Accounting Sections), FI$Cal Development and SCO/STO Implementation, FI$Cal Department Support

Comments or questions regarding the information contained on this page should be directed to the California State Department of Finance, FSCU, at (916) 324-0385, or fscuhotline@dof.ca.gov.