FSCU Contacts


Contact Phone Email
Larry SatterChief (916) 445-3434 x2802 larry.satter@dof.ca.gov

Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) Enhancements and Onboarding; State Controller’s Office (SCO) Book of Record Transition; Finance Accounting Functions; Manual of State Funds/Fund Maintenance; Support for FI$Cal Accounting Queries (DFQ); Statewide Policy Support


Statewide Cost Allocation (Pro Rata/SWCAP) – BU 9900/9910; Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA) – BU 9625; Central Service Cost Recovery Fund (CSCRF) Budget (Fund 9740); Coronavirus Relief Fund (Fund 8505)/Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Fund of 2021 (Fund 8506); Federal Funds Accountability and Cost Tracking (FFACT) Unit Liaison; Control Section 8.54 – Statewide Indirect Costs from Federal Government; Statewide Policy Support


FSCU Hotline – Statewide Accounting Policy Support; Training – eLearning Courses/Accounting Overview/Other Accounting Training; Indirect Cost Rate Proposal (ICRP); Statewide Policy Support

Contact Phone Email
Henry Ha, Manager (916) 445-3434 x2838 henry.ha@dof.ca.gov
Lorraine Hernandez (916) 445-3434 x2839 lorraine.hernandez@dof.ca.gov
Martha Romaso (916) 445-3434 x2834 martha.romaso@dof.ca.gov
Jannie Wen (916) 445-3434 x2864 jannie.wen@dof.ca.gov
Marina Yakimova (916) 445-3434 x2833 marina.yakimova@dof.ca.gov


State Fund Accounting Course; Budgetary/Legal Overview Course; State Administrative Manual (SAM) – Statewide Fiscal/Accounting Policy Sections; Departmental Requests Required by Accounting Policies; Unit Recruitment; Statewide Policy Support

Contact Phone Email
Jennifer Koga, Manager (916) 445-3434 x2804 jennifer.koga@dof.ca.gov
Mai Heu (916) 445-3434 x2178 mai.heu@dof.ca.gov
Heather Langdon (916) 445-3434 x2141 heather.langdon@dof.ca.gov
Olivia Moreno (916) 445-3434 x2166 olivia.moreno@dof.ca.gov
Mohammad Omari (916) 445-3434 x2860 mohammad.omari@dof.ca.gov
Theresa Rawlins (916) 445-3434 x2167 theresa.rawlins@dof.ca.gov


Uniform Codes Manual (UCM); Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Issues/Pronouncements; Statewide Fund Balance Reconciliation (DF-303/304) & Certification; A-pages (for changes in Accounting Methods and Prior Year Fund Balances); Control Section 35.35 – Short Term Cash Loan due to FI$Cal Implementation; Statewide Policy Support

Contact Phone Email
Hazel Miranda, Manager (916) 445-3434 x2122 hazel.miranda@dof.ca.gov
Cindy Chen (916) 445-3434 x2854 cindy.chen@dof.ca.gov
Lisbeth Fonseca (916) 445-3434 x2165 lisbeth.fonseca@dof.ca.gov
Cecilia Lor (916) 445-3434 x2174 cecilia.lor@dof.ca.gov
Mui Phung (916) 445-3434 x2164 mui.phung@dof.ca.gov
Daniel Saephan (916) 445-3434 x2145 daniel.saephan@dof.ca.gov
Yaohui Yu (916) 445-3434 x2829 yaohui.yu@dof.ca.gov


Plan of Financial Adjustment (PFA) Requests; Training – Month-End/Year-End Close (MEC/YEC); Acting FI$Cal Partner Business Executive – Accounting; FI$Cal Risks & Issues Workgroup Liaison; FI$Cal Departmental Authority Designee (DAD); Statewide Policy Support


Comments or questions regarding the information contained on this page should be directed to the California State Department of Finance, FSCU, at (916) 324-0385, or fscuhotline@dof.ca.gov.