SWCAP Overview

The SWCAP library represents General Fund recoveries of statewide general administrative costs (i.e., indirect costs incurred by central service agencies) from federal funding sources (Government Code [GC] Sections 13332.01 through 13332.02). Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP), like Pro Rata, apportions central services costs to state departments. However, SWCAP includes only statewide central services that are allowable under federal cost reimbursement policies.

This site provides a library of the SWCAP Detail By Agency report for each state department. The SWCAP Detail By Agency report identifies the central service functions and the apportionment of the costs associated with those functions. The Totals line sums up the total amount allocated to the state department.

The SWCAP library of SWCAP Detail by Agency, for each state department, is grouped as organized in the Governor’s Budget (e.g., Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive; State and Consumer Services; Business, Transportation, and Housing) for each of the respective fiscal years listed.

Additional details of the SWCAP computation process may be obtained from Finance, Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit (FSCU), Narjes Shahalirasaf, SWCAP Analyst at fiproswp@dof.ca.gov or (916) 445-3434, extension 2169.