Acronyms Used at Finance

Acronym Definition
AAB Approved as Budgeted
AB Assembly Bill
ACA Assembly Constitutional Amendment
ACR Assembly Concurrent Resolution
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA Average Daily Attendance
ADM/EC/IT Administration, Employee Compensation, and Information Technology Unit, Finance’s
AE Positions Administratively-established Positions
AG Attorney General
AJR Assembly Joint Resolution
A-Pages Another term used for the Governor’s Budget Summary document
APBM Assistant Program Budget Manager
APMT Assistant Program Manager Team
ARF Architectural Revolving Fund
AWRTFY Available Without Regard to Fiscal Year (“continuous appropriation”)
BA Budget Act
BAA Budget Administration Adjustment (also a BR or EO)
BAG Budget Analyst Guide
BBA Baseline Budget Adjustment
BBL Budget Bill Language
BCP Budget Change Proposal
BF Bond Funds
BI or BIP Business Intelligence Publisher (type of report in Hyperion)
BL Budget Letter
BOS Budget Operations Support Unit, Finance’s
BR Budget Request (in Hyperion)
BR Budget Revision
BSO Business Services Office, Finance’s
BU Business Unit
BY Budget Year
Acronym Definition
CalHR California Department of Human Resources
CAP Corrective Action Plan
CAP Cost Allocation Plan
CAPOFF Capitol Office
CEA Career Executive Assignment
CCR California Code of Regulations
CDT California Department of Technology
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CIAP Changes in Authorized Positions (a display in the budget galley)
CM Cash Management Unit, Finance’s
CMIA Cash Management Improvement Act
C/O Carryover (of an appropriation balance)
CO Capital Outlay
COA Chart of Accounts
COBBA Capital Outlay Baseline Budget Adjustment
COBCP Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal
COCP Capital Outlay Concept Paper
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
COOP/COG Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government
COR/GEN Corrections/General Government Unit, Finance’s
CPB Continuity Plan for Business
CS Control Section (of Budget Act)
CSA Central Service Agencies
CSA California State Auditor
CSCRF Central Service Cost Recovery Fund
CSL Current Service Level
CSPS California State Payroll System
CY Current Year
DAA Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments (a display in the budget galley)
DBA Detailed Budget Adjustments (a display in the budget galley)
DGS Department of General Services
DOF Department of Finance (Finance)
DRU Demographic Research Unit, Finance’s
EBR Enrolled Bill Report
ECP Enrollment, Caseload, and Population
ENY Enactment Year (formerly Year of Appropriation)
EO Executive Order
ER Economic Research Unit, Finance’s
ESU Education Systems Unit, Finance’s
ETHLL Energy, Transportation, Housing, Local Government, and Labor Unit, Finance’s
Acronym Definition
FAWS Financial Analysis Worksheets (for IT projects)
FBA Finance Budget Analyst
FBS Final Budget Summary (published by Finance)
FCB Final Change Book (published by Finance)
FCS Fund Condition Statement (fiscal statement in the budget galley)
FF Federal Funds
FFACT Federal Funds Accountability and Cost Tracking Unit, Finance’s
FFY Federal Fiscal Year
FI$Cal Refers to the system (Financial Information System for California)
FISCal Refers to the Department of FISCal
FIW Fiscal Impact Worksheet (for Capital Outlay)
FL Finance Letter
FM Finance Memo
FO Financial Operations Unit, Finance’s
FPE Finance Program Evaluator
FR Financial Reporting (type of report in Hyperion)
FSC FI$Cal Service Center
FSCU Fiscal Systems Consulting Unit, Finance’s
FTE Full-Time Equivalent (Positions)
FY Fiscal Year
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GB Governor’s Budget
GC Government Code, California
GF General Fund
GFU General Fund Update
GOARs Governor’s Office Action Requests
GO Bonds General Obligation Bonds
Acronym Definition
HHS Health and Human Services Unit, Finance’s
HR Human Resources
ICRP Indirect Cost Rate Proposal Plan
IPOR Independent Project Oversight Report (for IT projects)
IR Investable Resources Unit, Finance’s
IS Information Services
IT Information Technology
ITCU Information Technology Consulting Unit, Finance’s
IVV Independent Verification and Validation (for IT projects)
JLBC Joint Legislative Budget Committee
LA Local Assistance
LAO Legislative Analyst’s Office
LCB Legislative Counsel Bureau
LDU Learning and Development Unit, Finance’s
LG Local Government
LIS Legislative Information System (a Finance system)
LT Limited Term
Acronym Definition
MBR Mission Based Review
MCO Minor Capital Outlay
MIRS Management Information Retrieval System (SCO system for personnel data)
MM Management Memo
MR May Revision
MSA Merit Salary Adjustment
MSF Manual of State Funds
NASBO National Association of State Budget Officers
NGCF Non-Governmental Cost Fund
OAU Oversight and Accountability Unit, Finance’s
OCIO Office of the Chief Information Officer
OE&E Operating Expenses and Equipment
OPEB Other Post-Employment Benefits
ORF Office Revolving Fund
OSAE Office of State Audits and Evaluations, Finance’s
OSP Office of State Publishing
OST Out-of-State Travel
Acronym Definition
P98 Proposition 98
PAL Project Approval Lifecycle (for IT projects)
PBM Program Budget Manager
PDR Project Delegation Request (for IT projects)
PE Preliminary Estimates
PFA Plan of Financial Adjustment
PIER Post Implementation Evaluation Report (for IT projects)
PIT Personal Income Tax
PMIA Pooled Money Investment Account
PMIB Pooled Money Investment Board
PORC Projects of Regional Concern
PPBA Principal Program Budget Analyst
PRA Public Records Act
PSR Project Status Report (for IT projects)
PWB Public Works Board
PY Past Year
PY Personnel Year
RANs Revenue Anticipation Notes
RAU Research and Analysis Unit, Finance’s
RWAs Revenue Anticipation Warrants
RECO Natural Resources, Environment, and Capital Outlay Unit, Finance’s
Regs Regulations
RFP Request for Proposal
RTL Revenues, Transfers, and Loans
RTU Revenue and Taxation Unit, Finance’s
Acronym Definition
SAL State Appropriation Limit
SAM State Administrative Manual
SB Senate Bill
SBFR Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee
SCA Senate Constitutional Amendment
SCR Senate Concurrent Resolution
SCO State Controller’s Office
SF Special Fund
SFBA Staff Finance Budget Analyst
SFEU Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties
SLAA State Leadership Accountability Act
SMIF Surplus Money Investment Fund
SO State Operations
SPB State Personnel Board
SPP Savings Plus Program
SPP Supplemental Pension Payment (SB 84)
SPR Special Project Report (for IT projects)
SRL Supplemental Reporting Language
STO State Treasurer’s Office
S&W or 7A Salary and Wages
SWCAP Statewide Cost Allocation Plan
S1BA Stage 1 Business Analysis (for IT projects)
S2AA Stage 2 Alternative Analysis (for IT projects)
S3SD Stage 3 Solution Development (for IT projects)
S4PRA Stage 4 Project Readiness and Approval (for IT projects)
TBL Trailer Bill Language
UCM Uniform Codes Manual
YOA Year of Appropriation
YOB Year of Budget (also known as Funding Fiscal Year)
YOC Year of Completion