General Budget Timetable

  • Early January
    Departments submit approved (updated) BCPs and final Supplementary Schedules (Operating Expenses and Equipment, Equipment, Federal Funds and Reimbursements) to the Department of Finance (DOF).
  • January 10
    Governor (and DOF) submits Governor’s Budget and Budget Bill to the Legislature by this date.
  • Soon after the Release of the Governor’s Budget
    Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) releases the Analysis of the Budget Bill and Perspectives and Issues.
  • After the Release of the LAO Analysis of the Budget Bill
    DOF prepares responses (rebuttals) to LAO’s Analysis, if necessary.
  • January to May
    DOF initiates the Unanticipated Costs Bill based on most updated unanticipated costs drill.
  • February 1
    DOF provides to the Legislature all proposed statutory changes (Budget Trailer Bills), as prepared by the Legislative Counsel, that are necessary to implement the Governor’s Budget.
  • Mid-February
    Departments submit Spring Finance Letter requests to the Department of Finance (DOF).
  • February to Mid-May
    Legislative budget subcommittee staff hold budget pre-hearings with LAO, DOF and departments.
  • Late February to Early March
    DOF releases Salaries and Wages Supplement (Sch. 7A).
  • Late February to Mid-March
    DOF budget staff discuss Finance Letter requests and meet with departments.
  • February to Mid-May
    Legislative budget subcommittee staff hold budget pre-hearings with LAO, DOF and departments.
  • February to Late-May
    Legislative Budget Subcommittees hold budget hearings.
  • March
    DOF Program Budget Managers and Director of Finance hold Finance Letter Hearings with departments, as needed.
  • April 1

    DOF submits non-May Revision and non-Capital Outlay Finance Letters (April 1 Finance Letters) to the Legislature.DOF budget staff analyze May Revision requests and meet with departments. DOF Program Budget Managers, Director of Finance and Governor, hold May Revision hearings/meetings with departments, as needed.

  • April to Mid-Month

    DOF issues technical budget instructions for the fiscal year following the upcoming one.

  • May 1
    DOF submits Capital Outlay (May 1) Finance Letters to the Legislature.
  • May 14
    DOF issues May Revision update of General Fund revenues and expenditures, including Finance Letters.
  • Mid-May to Late
    Unanticipated Costs Bill update to the Legislature.
  • Late May
    Budget Subcommittees report to Full Budget Committees; Budget Bills sent to the Floors.
  • Early June to Mid
    Budget Conference Committee meets; Budget Bills sent to Floors.
  • June 15
    Constitutional deadline for Legislature to pass Budget Bill.
  • Mid-June to Late
    DOF updates Unanticipated Costs Bill; Fiscal Committees hear and Legislature passes Unanticipated Costs Bill; Governor signs Unanticipated Costs Bill. Assuming the Budget is passed on time, Governor decides Budget Bill vetoes.
  • Late June
    Assuming the Budget is enacted on time, Budget Act and Budget Trailer Bills are printed.
  • July 1
    State’s fiscal year begins.
  • July, Mid
    DOF issues budget policy letter.
  • July, Mid to Late
    SCO issues Schedule 8 Tabulation, supplemental tabulations for Schedule 8 and Schedule 7A, Abolished Vacant Position Report and the Blanket Position Expenditure Report to departments.
  • July, End of
    Departments submit to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) and State Treasurer’s Office (STO) year-end financial statements for the General Fund, feeder funds and a few other funds.
  • July to Mid-August
    Assuming the Budget is enacted on time, LAO issues the Supplemental Report (Language) for the Budget Act.
  • August
    Current Service Level is rolled over and available to departments.
  • Early August
    DOF transmits Sch. 7A spreadsheet to departments.
  • 3rd Week August
    Departments submit year-end financial statements for all other funds (those not due by the end of July).
  • August, Late
    Departments submit incremental past year information to DOF.
  • August, Late, to Early September
    Departments submit Budget Bill Section 3.60 worksheets to DOF.
  • August to Mid-September
    DOF issues annual price letter and the Department of General Services issues the Price Book
  • August to September
    DOF releases Final Budget Summary and Final Change Book.
  • September to Early October
    Departments submit current year, budget year, and out-year information to DOF.
  • September to Late October
    Departments submit completed 7As and Sch. 8s to DOF.
  • September, Early to Mid
    Departments submit Budget Change Proposals (BCP), including Budget Bill Language changes, to DOF.
  • September, Mid-October
    DOF budget staff hold budget discussions and meetings with departments.
  • October
    DOF Program Budget Managers hold budget hearings with departments, as needed.
  • October, Mid
    DOF issues assessments for General Administrative Charges (Pro Rata) to Special Fund departments, and the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) to departments with federal funds.
  • Late October to Early November
    Departments submit Enrollment, Caseload and Population (ECP) data.
  • November, Early to Mid
    Director of Finance holds budget decision meetings/appeals with departments, Agency and Governor’s Office staff, as needed.
  • November, Early to 3rd Week
    Departments start flowing updated BCPs and supporting documents, and updated budget information that have decisions and no open issues.
  • Early December
    DOF briefs Governor on updated General Fund revenues and expenditures, and preliminary status of budget for current and budget years.
  • December, Early to Mid
    Governor holds budget meetings and makes decisions.
  • December, Mid to 3rd Week
    Departments submit updated BCPs and supporting documents, and updated budget information to reflect Governor’s decisions.
  • December, Late to Early January
    DOF finalizes Governor’s Budget, Governor’s Budget Summary, and Budget Bill.