Audits and Evaluations

The Office of State Audits and Evaluations (OSAE) performs a wide variety of activities, including financial, performance, and compliance audits; quality assurance reviews; budgetary reviews; and consulting services. Our audits are performed in accordance with applicable professional standards such as Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and Government Auditing Standards, as deemed necessary. OSAE also performs non-audit services. OSAE accomplishes these multifaceted objectives using staff with diverse backgrounds, professional certifications, and technological expertise. In an effort to promote transparency of governmental activities, our reports are posted to this site.

Visit the Audit Reports, Memos, and Letters page to search for audits and evaluations conducted.

State Audit Directory

OSAE compiles the Directory of State Audit Organizations. This directory provides contact and organization information pertaining to the various audit units within the State.

How to Obtain Services

OSAE actively helps departments improve financial and programmatic operations, systems, processes, and controls. To request a financial, performance or consulting engagement, please contact us by email or phone.

Please note that pursuant to Government Code section 8546.4, “No state agency shall enter into a contract for a financial or compliance audit without prior written approval of the State Controller and Finance…”