Housing Assets

Webpage last updated March 10, 2020

Pursuant to HSC section 34176 (a) (2), the entity assuming the housing functions of the former redevelopment agency is required to submit to the Department of Finance a list of all housing assets by August 1, 2012. The list must adequately detail how the housing asset meets the criteria specified in HSC Section 34176 (e) and must also include all assets transferred between February 1, 2012 and the date upon which the list is created. HSC section 34176 (a) (2) also states that Finance is to prescribe the format for the list. Finance shall have up to 30 days to make to make a determination from the date of receipt of the Housing Asset Transfer form. Finance has completed its reviews of the Housing Asset Transfer forms submitted.

Determination Letters

Older determination letters published prior to 2020 are only available in a PDF file format. To request any previous determinations in a more accessible format, please contact: RedevelopmentAdministration@dof.ca.gov