Projections of population with components of change, births, and public school enrollment at the state and county level produced by the Demographic Research Unit (DRU).

Interim Projections Series

This interim series reflects the July 1, 2022, state and county population estimates published in December 2022 and is informed by the U.S. Census Bureau’s blended base – a combination of Census 2020 PL94, 2020 Demographic Analysis, and the Bureau’s Vintage 2020 estimates.

DRU plans to release a full projection series based on Census 2020 data in Summer 2024 once the final 2020 Census data is released.

Population Projections (Baseline 2019)

  • Release Notes:
    • Vintage 2023 (2024.3.8): Updated race and age structure for NHPI, MR, AIAN; minor changes in sex distribution; population totals do not change.
    • Vintage 2023 (2023.7.19): Update to include latest July 1 estimates released December 2022, and informed by available 2020 Census data.
    • Vintage 2020 (2021.7.14): update to fix a bug in the age-distribution by race/ethnicity; does not change population totals by year, county, race/ethnicity; highest age now 110+.
    • Vintage 2020 (2021.4.23): update to fix age-distribution in P3 file; population totals do not change.
    • Vintage 2020 (2021.3.05): update to include latest July 1 estimates released December 2020.
    • Vintage 2019 (2020.12.11): file structure expanded and documentation released; data unchanged.
    • Vintage 2019 (2020.1.10): initial public data release.

P-1: State Population Projections (2020-2060)

P-2: County Population Projections (2020-2060)

P-3: Complete State and County Projections Dataset:

Components of Change:

Birth Projections

Household Projections for California Counties

Education Projections

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