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Michael Franchetti

January 3, 1983 to January 3, 1984

Michael Franchetti was appointed Director of Finance at the beginning of Governor George Deukmejian’s term on January 3, 1983. His grandparents emigrated from Italy and he was born in Oakland, California, on November 28, 1942. Franchetti graduated from the University of San Francisco, California, where he received his bachelor’s degree as well as a law degree. Franchetti also served in the Vietnam War in the U.S. Army and received a Bronze Star for his service.

Franchetti first served the state under then-Attorney General Deukmejian as a Legislative Advocate for the Attorney General’s office. Then, in 1978, Attorney General Deukmejian named Franchetti Chief Deputy Attorney General. Deukmejian considered him to be one of his closest aides, and Franchetti is credited with pulling California out of a budget crisis while serving as the Director of Finance.

In 1984, he left state government to pursue a career in lobbying, consulting, and practice law in San Francisco, Palm Desert, and Sacramento, California.