COVID-19 Federal Stimulus

To address the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19, the federal government enacted six stimulus bills (not including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act). Together, these funds are helping to pay for emergency response, testing and contact tracing, health care, and vaccinations. In some cases, these funds continue to directly support the unemployed and K-12 schools. Families and individuals have also benefited from expansions of the federal Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and partial tax exemptions on unemployment benefits, as well as expanded financial assistance for health coverage. Combined with direct payments and other assistance to individuals and families, hospitals and medical providers, businesses, higher education institutions and college students, local housing authorities, airports, farmers, and local government, California and its economy are benefiting from approximately $603 billion provided through these stimulus bills.

Below is a detailed list of federal awards that can be filtered by whether the funds flow through the state or directly to a recipient, federal program or Assistance Listing, formerly known as Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), and the recipient, to display the amount of federal stimulus funds that have been committed to date. This information will be updated periodically to reflect available data.

Distribution of Stimulus Funding through State Programs - Pie chart displaying the distribution of federal COVID-19 stimulus funding in California by agency.
Summary by Federal Vehicle - Pie chart displaying the split of federal COVID-19 stimulus funding received in California by different Federal Vehicle.
Allocation Areas - Bar chart displaying the breakdown of allocations of federal COVID-19 stimulus funds in California by state agency.
Expenditure of Awarded Stimulus Funds for Selected State Programs - Bar chart displaying the expenditure of awarded federal COVID-19 stimulus funds for selected state programs to date.