COVID Federal Tracking Portal

The COVID Federal Tracking portal will automate the collection of expenditure and obligation data from state entities. The portal will also allow for the collection of expenditures of direct awards made to individuals, families, businesses, hospitals, and providers, to the extent that data is available from federal and state sources. This information will be used to update the data on the COVID-19 Federal Stimulus page periodically. This reporting does not replace any reporting requirements from the federal administering agency or monthly cost reporting requirements in Budget Letter 20-32.

Monthly Reporting Portal

Click here to access the reporting portal.

User Guide – (updated 3/16/2022)

This guide provides instructions for reporting expenditures, obligations, and other information on federal stimulus awards and allocations.

Frequently Asked Questions – (updated 3/5/2021)

Training Presentations

Help Desk

If you have problems accessing the portal or questions regarding reporting data on federal stimulus awards, please contact