Projections of population with components of change, births, and public school enrollment at the state and county level produced by the Demographic Research Unit.

Population Projections (Baseline 2019)

  • Methodology
  • Release Notes:
    • Vintage 2020 (2021.7.14):  update to fix a bug in the age-distribution by race/ethnicity; does not change population totals by year, county, race/ethnicity; highest age now 110+.
    • Vintage 2020 (2021.4.23):  update to fix age-distribution in P3 file; population totals do not change.
    • Vintage 2020 (2021.3.05):  update to include latest July 1 estimates released December 2020.
    • Vintage 2019 (2020.12.11):  file structure expanded and documentation released; data unchanged.
    • Vintage 2019 (2020.1.10):  initial public data release.

P-1: State Population Projections (2010-2060):

P-2: County Population Projections (2010-2060):

P-3: Complete State and County Projections Dataset:

Components of Change:

Birth Projections

Household Projections for California Counties

Education Projections

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