Summary Schedules and Historical Charts

Summary Schedules

These schedules are published as part of the Governor’s Budget Summary and are updated each January 10 with the release of the Governor’s Budget. Schedules marked with an asterisk are also updated at budget enactment. The schedules summarize state revenues, expenditures, and other fiscal and personnel data, generally for the past, current, and budget year.

Historical Charts

These charts are maintained by the Budget Operations Support Unit. They contain some of the same information in the Summary Schedules, in summary form. They also include more historical data.

  • Chart A: Historical Data, General Fund Budget Summary
  • Chart B: Historical Data, Budget Expenditures, All Funds
  • Chart D-1: General Fund Unanticipated Costs
  • Chart F: Expenditures by Character, All Funds
  • Chart H: Historical, Proposed, Revised, Enacted, Mid-Yr Revised, Budget Expenditure Data, Gen Fund
  • Chart K: G.O. Bond Interest and Redemption, Agency Debt Service Costs
  • Chart K-1: General Fund, G.O. Bond Interest and Redemption Costs
  • Chart K-2: General Fund, Lease-Revenue Bond Interest and Redemption Costs
  • Chart K-3: General Fund, G.O. and Lease-Revenue Bond Interest and Redemption Costs
  • Chart K-4: General Obligation Bonds
  • Chart K-5: California Municipal Bonds Rating History
  • Chart K-6: History of California General Obligation Bond Ratings
  • Chart L: Historical Data, State Appropriations Limit