Local Government

Redevelopment Agency Dissolution

Welcome to the Department of Finance’s (Finance) Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Dissolution webpage. This site will serve as the primary conduit for Finance to share information related to the redevelopment dissolution legislation and communicate with successor agencies, who are responsible for overseeing the winding down at the local level, and County Auditors-Controllers, who are charged with property tax distribution. Please visit this website frequently as information is regularly updated.

State County Assessors’ Partnership Program

The 2014 Budget Act appropriates $7.5 million for the first year of a three year State County Assessors’ Partnership Program (Program) to enhance county property assessment efforts. The purpose of the Program is to ensure that county assessors have the resources necessary to fairly and efficiently administer the county property tax rolls. Fair and efficient administration includes, but is not limited to, the expeditious enrollment of properties that are newly constructed or that change ownership, the timely levying of supplemental assessments when ownership changes occur, the timely reassessment of property to reflect market values, and the defense of assessed valuations that have been appealed.

Community Based Transitional Housing Program

The 2016 Budget Act appropriates $25 million for the Community-Based Transitional Housing Program (Program), which seeks to encourage local communities to support housing that provides treatment and reentry programming to individuals who will benefit from those services.

State Supplementation for Assessor’s Program

The State Supplementation for County Assessors’ Program is a three-year pilot program that began in 2018-19, and will provide grants to assessors that can be used for specified activities.

County Assessors’ Information Technology Grant Program

This three-year, $30 million program provides funding to assist county assessors in performing property assessments with technology investments.