The Demographic Research Unit (DRU) of the California Department of Finance is designated as the single official source of demographic data for state planning and budgeting. Download a Unit Overview brochure

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  • Estimates - Official population estimates of the state, counties and cities produced by the Demographic Research Unit for state planning and budgeting.
  • Projections - Forecasts of population, births and public school enrollment at the state and county level produced by the Demographic Research Unit.
  • State Census Data Center - Demographic, social, economic, migration, and housing data from the decennial censuses, the American Community Survey, the Current Population Survey, and other special and periodic surveys.

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California Population Facts

California Population Facts

Population, January 2016: 39.3 million

Average Household Size, January 2016: 2.97

Crude Growth Rate, 2015: 0.9%

Total Fertility Rate, 2013: 1.87

Life Expectancy, 2013: 81.0

Persons 65 years and over:

2010 Census: 11%

2030 Projection: 20%

Sources: DRU Projections, Estimates, and 2010 Census


Governor Brown
Finance Director Michael Cohen