California provides instruction and support services to roughly six million students in grades kindergarten through twelve in more than 10,000 schools throughout the state. A system of 58 county offices of education, more than 1,000 local school districts, and more than 1,000 charter schools provide students with instruction in English, mathematics, history, science, and other core competencies to provide them with the skills they will need upon graduation for either entry into the workforce or higher education.

Proposition 98 Certifications

Proposition 98 Certification Responses

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Higher Education

California provides higher education through three higher education segments – the University of California (UC), the California State Universities (CSU), and the California Community Colleges (CCC).

  • University of California (UC) – The UC offers undergraduate and graduate education. The UC is also the primary institution authorized to independently award doctoral degrees, and existing law designates the UC as the state’s primary academic agency for research. Its 10 campuses enroll approximately 254,000 students. In 2014-15, the UC awarded 66,102 degrees.
  • California State University (CSU) – The CSU provides undergraduate and graduate instruction generally through the master’s degree. Its 23 campuses enroll approximately 394,000 students. In 2014-15, the CSU awarded 105,693 degrees.
  • California Community Colleges (CCC) – The CCC provides basic skills, vocational, and undergraduate transfer education with 72 districts, 113 campuses, and 77 educational centers. The colleges enroll approximately 2.1 million students. In 2014 15, the community colleges awarded 70,261 certificates and 115,456 degrees and transferred 99,054 students to four year higher education institutions.